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Dental Content Marketing for Growing Practices

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Instead of relying on word of mouth, build an online presence to reach new patients.

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As a successful dentist, you’re incredibly busy. In addition to filling cavities, you grind away, running your own practice. Did you ever think you’d go to dental school only to spend so much time on admin and marketing?

You advertise your services, but you’re already so dedicated to your existing patients that you don’t have enough hours in the day to devote time to expanding your practice and bringing in new patients.

How can we help you?

Our team of experts takes care of all aspects of content marketing, from search engine optimization to writing specialized blog posts specifically designed to catch the eye of potential patients in your area.

Marketing yourself online is the next step to get patients into your chair. We’ll make sure it’s less painful than a root canal.

Why prioritize online visibility?

  • When people need a medical professional, the first place they look is online. You need to be easy to find.
  • The more people see your content and recognize it as helpful, the more memorable you are and the more likely people are to search for you the next time they’re looking for quality dental care.
  • People are loyal to familiar brands. Having a recognizable brand is the bare minimum.
  • We can help you make it easy for people to find you and share your branded content.

Why market yourself using blog posts?

  • According to Statista, the average person spends 147 minutes a day using social media. The beauty of creating shareable content is that people love sharing it on social media—thus doing your marketing for you.
  • When blog posts are localized to your area, people feel a sense of connection and search engines are more likely to show local resources for locally focused searches.
  • Focusing on phrases people are searching for—like “best dentist near me”—helps ensure that your future patients find and click on your website.

Anyone can say that they provide quality oral health care, but if your practice is mentioned on a post about things residents of your city need to know about dental care, people are more likely to believe it. It doesn’t look like an advertisement. Instead, it looks like an honest review of the best dental care available in the region—naturally, provided by you.

Our services can lift a weight off your shoulders. And the more you smile, the more your patients will.

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