Does Your Online Presence Help You When a Hiring Manager Googles Your Name?

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Have you googled your name recently as you go about your job search? You should because you need to know what hiring managers see when they look you up online. It's almost a given these days that they’ll run a search on you if they're considering you for a position. If they like what they see, it can help you land the job. However, if the search results are less than favorable, you could be crossed off the list of potential hires. 

Don’t worry, though—there are tricks you can use to get those Google results working in your favor. We’ll delve into how you can make your online presence be of service to you and showcase your strengths. If you also need a resume that highlights your best features, reach out to our resume experts

Be a decent human being on social media 

Even if you only use social media for personal reasons, it’s important to keep in mind just how public these platforms are. You never know when a recruiter will come across one of your profiles and the content you’ve posted. Remember that once you put something on the internet, you can never take it back! If you’ve already published questionable content online, your best option is to remove it to the degree you can and ensure that your name isn’t associated with such content again in the future. 

Make certain that your social media content presents you in a positive light—you don’t want any posts filled with angry words, negativity, or controversial comments. If your profiles don’t suggest someone an employer would want to hire, you can set your posts to private. On Facebook, check the photos you’re tagged in, and remove the tags from any publicly available pictures you wouldn’t want a recruiter to stumble upon. On Twitter and Instagram, consider anonymizing your username, if possible. Keep in mind that it can take a while for the Google results to update to accommodate new data, such as username changes. You’ll want to clean up your social media plenty of time in advance.

If done right, social media can help you when you're looking for a job. Your profiles show a recruiter another side of you—your personality, sense of humor, and interests. When evaluating what to post, ask yourself if it’s something you’d be okay with your employer seeing. 

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and polished

When you're looking for a job, LinkedIn is the most important social media platform in your arsenal. Having a profile on this powerful networking site shows recruiters that you pay attention to the latest trends in personal branding and marketing. It indicates that you’re ambitious and passionate about your career and serious about growing professionally.

It will also help Google rank you higher. You'll likely appear as a more desirable candidate if your LinkedIn profile comes at the top of the search results when a potential employer googles your name. Therefore, make sure your profile features an up-to-date work history and experience, as well as a current professional photo. Also, mention your value and how it can distinguish you from other candidates. 

One key benefit of LinkedIn is that it allows you to provide information you can’t fit into your resume, so use this to your advantage.

Build a consistent personal brand

From your resume and cover letter to your social media profiles, make sure you are building a consistent personal brand. It might raise a red flag to an employer if they see something completely different in the education and work history sections of your resume and in your LinkedIn profile. Take the time to ensure they are all consistent so recruiters can see what you have to offer across all social platforms.   

Consistency also applies to your profile pictures. Use the same image on all social media platforms, assuming you have your name associated with these profiles. In case you’re running an anonymous account, keep it far away from your personal brand. If your profile picture is consistent across the board, it makes it easier for a hiring manager to know it's you, especially if you have a common name.

In today's world, how you appear online can affect you professionally. It can help you if you play your cards right because personality can be more important than you might think when an employer makes hiring decisions. Keep your social media profiles free of hateful posts, negativity, and party pics. Use your online presence to set yourself apart from other job seekers. If you need help crafting a resume that will also help you stand out from the crowd, consider our professional services.

Improve Your Resume or CV