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Looking for the best editing talent in Auburn? That’s what you’ll find at ProofreadingServices.com. In fact, we’re the leading online English proofreading service in the world, so we’d be thrilled to help you with your document, whether it’s a psychology paper, white paper, or professional email. Our services are available all across Auburn, from the Jule Collins Smith Museum to Jordan-Hare Stadium, so anyone in Auburn who desires the guidance of editorial professionals to help polish their writing is in luck. We can deliver any level of editing—heavy, light, or medium—to fit your individual needs. Just tell us what you’d like us to do, and our professional editors will take care of it. 

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Editing for anyone, anytime.

Our commitment to providing high-quality proofreading services extends to everyone in the beautiful city of Auburn—and beyond! In fact, you can take advantage of our proofreading prowess from anywhere in the United States, or, indeed, the world. Our editors work with clients from all walks of life—researchers, CEOs, screenwriters, and more—but the result is always the same: clear, effective, polished writing that expertly conveys the intended message. If that’s what you’re looking for, our editors can provide it, whether you’re…

  • …a student, professor, researcher, or someone else in academia. Do you study at Auburn University, Tuskegee University, or Point University? We’d love to help students and faculty at these renowned Auburn institutes polish their papers and attain academic success. Since our editors have supplementary expertise in various other fields, including physics, linguistics, and computer science, you don’t have to worry about your paper being too technical.
  • …a business leader, entrepreneur, CEO, marketing professional, or someone else in business. Clear, effective writing can go a long way in the business world, and it’s the job of our expert editors to help companies achieve this writing quality. No matter where your business is in Auburn, whether it’s in Windsor Forest or Cedar Brook, our proofreaders are passionate about helping you succeed and boosting your business’s bottom line.
  • …an ESL speaker. English is hard—we know. While all our editors are native English speakers, many of them speak second languages themselves. We’ve helped thousands of non-native English speakers improve their English and writing quality over the years, and we’d love to help you do the same thing.
  • …anyone else looking for help achieving clear, professional, top-quality writing. It doesn’t matter what kind of document you want edited—it could even be a personal email or blog post. If you want it professionally polished, we’ll take care of it for you.

Our editors are eager to work with you.

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Our proofreaders are in the top 0.3% of editors.

We have a simple way to vet proofreading candidates to ensure only the best make it onto our team: we have them take a series of formidable editing assessments that demand true proofreading prowess to pass. Only 0.3% of applicants are good enough—and those are the ones who make it onto our proofreading team. As native English speakers, our proofreaders possess a natural feel for the English language, and the years of experience they’ve had proofreading and editing have served to solidify their expertise in the field. All in all, our editors are superb.

With a population of 65,738, Auburn may not be the biggest city in the US, but there’s still no shortage of scholars, professionals, authors, and other writers who need high-quality writing to move forward in their endeavors. Our proofreaders work fast to make sure you always meet your deadline, even if it’s in just a few hours. But we never, ever sacrifice quality—high-quality editing is our guarantee.

Our editors can’t wait to work with you.

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You don’t have to be 100% sure already. Let us show you just how talented our proofreaders are so you have no doubts. It’s easy for us to offer free samples because clients generally come back to place paid orders immediately—that’s just how skilled our proofreaders are.

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