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Here is a perilous situation for a writer: You have written an important paper, spent days going over every word, and you have to present it in 24 hours. But you cannot find an editor or a proofreader to give your paper a final look. You are a confident writer, but you know successful writers benefit from the keen eyes of professional editors.

Odds are you have encountered a similar situation, even if it was not so dire. At ProofreadingServices.com, we know that writers need editors and proofreaders they can count on, especially in emergencies. That’s why our online service can be accessed 24 hours a day every day. Our editors can accommodate your deadlines, no matter when they are. We even offer express service for jobs that require a rapid turnaround. 

We have been assisting writers in St. Petersburg for years, providing them with academic editing, business proofreading, and other services for specific types of writing. We also offer resume reviews for jobseekers and other general editing services. We serve scholarly writers at the University of South Florida, business writers working near the Dali Museum, and literary writers living close to Mahaffey Theater. Whatever your proofreading or editing needs may be, we are ready to assist. 

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Collaborate with us for improved writing quality

Ideas that are presented clearly in a document that is error-free produce huge dividends for the writer. A talented editor can bring your document to this level, earning you greater respect in your field. In addition to catching errors, editors can make recommendations for stronger word choices, more logical sentence structures, and so much more.

We earned our reputation as the premier English proofreading service by delivering exceptional service to a wide variety of St. Petersburg writers. Consider these recent jobs: 

  • One of our academic editors proofread a thesis for a University of Tampa student and a dissertation for a doctoral student at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. We can proofread academic works over the course of a week or in as little as 24 hours.  
  • One of our business editors reviewed a proposal for a business in Historic Kenwood as well as a marketing brochure for a Downtown business owner. We also edit guides, forms, applications, and any other business document you might have. 
  • Our editors have helped international writers with their English, ensuring their compositions read clearly. If your primary language is Spanish, German, or something else, our editors—all native English speakers—will apply their skills and knowledge to your writing so that your ideas shine through. 
  • Our editors also specialize in shorter, less formal works that are of supreme importance to the writers—emails, correspondence, web pages. If you need someone to just proofread your copy for typos, our editors are standing by. 

Your first (and only) step toward better writing is to email your document to us. We will assign an editor whose skills and experience are a natural fit for the job. We will send the edited document back to you on time—and we are confident you will be pleased with the results.  

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Experience our consistent editing excellence

In order to provide the best service to our clients, we work hard to maintain a top-flight editing team. For every editor we hire, we evaluate more than 300 candidates. We look for people with extensive experience in writing and editing careers and use rigorous editing tests to identify the most talented applicants. Only those with a deep knowledge of grammar and finely honed editing skills can pass this challenging series of tests. We have no doubt that our team is second to none.   

We pledge to serve every writer among St. Petersburg’s 265,000 citizens with superior service. So, if you need swift, high-quality proofreading or intensive editing for a document, our editors are here for you. Let us provide the second set of eyes your writing needs to be considered stellar. 

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Judge our work for yourself 

We have told you our editors are superb. Now, let them demonstrate their skills. You can submit a 300-word sample of your writing and one of our editors will make it even better—for free. You will be able to see what they can do for your entire document.   

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