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A proven way to boost your reputation as a writer 

Being able to communicate through writing is a crucial skill, even as the written word moves increasingly from ink-on-paper to pixels-on-screens. If you are unable to present your ideas clearly, you risk harm to your reputation. At ProofreadingServices.com, we help writers move ahead by improving their document through comprehensive editing and thorough proofreading. 

How does this help writers be more effective? Think about the impact of a glaring typo in a student thesis. Or a sentence that lacks clarity in a business proposal. Or an awkward grammatical error in a short story submitted to a literary contest. These are small errors that can have a huge, negative effect on your reputation, no matter what field you are in. You don’t have to take these risks—contact ProofreadingServices.com today and gain confidence that your writing will be clear, compelling, and without an error in sight. 

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A range of services to meet every editing need 

Writers from neighborhoods all around Tacoma—from the Museum of Glass to the Washington State History Museum—collaborate with our editors to refine their work. We have earned our reputation as the top English editing and proofreading service by knowing exactly what writers need to make their work really shine. 

  • We provide academic proofreading for students and faculty at universities across the nation, including Pacific Lutheran University, University of Puget Sound, and Saint Martin’s University. We offer a range of turnaround times—from one week to one day. 
  • We provide business editing services for businesspeople and marketing professionals from South End to Eastside-ENACT. Our editors can work with any type of business document—forms, applications, proposals, even resumes and cover letters. 
  • We help writers who speak Russian, Spanish, Chinese or almost any other language to write as if English is their primary language. We can make sure their writing reads effortlessly, just like we do for our thousands of other international clients. 
  • We also provide service to writers who just want a second set of eyes on a critical email communication, brochure, or web page. We are happy to take on jobs that involve general proofreading and grammar editing. 

We return your edited document quickly. Our editors never sacrifice quality for speed, but they do work efficiently to meet even the most aggressive deadlines. 

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A quality team to raise the level of your work 

We have assembled a top-flight editing team that is ready to give your writing an upgrade. They are native English speakers, so they are familiar with key nuances of English writing and grammar. A rigorous testing regimen helps us identify the most skilled of the hundreds of candidates who apply for open editing positions. Ultimately, only 0.33% of applicants are worthy of joining our talented and hard-working team.  

If you want to burnish your reputation and create writing that enthralls your audience, there is no question what service you should choose. ProofreadingServices.com is the top choice for the more than 216,000 grad students, business leaders, authors, journalists, and other writers in Tacoma who need an editor to clean up their copy and make it better. 

So, if you need a swift proofreader or a thorough editor who can meet a tight deadline, contact us today. You—and your audience—will be thrilled with the final product.   

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Get an idea of what we can offer 

Now that you know what we are all about, give us a chance to know you and your writing. Send us 300 words of whatever you want edited and let us apply our skills and experience at no charge to you. When we return this edited sample, you can evaluate our service to see if it is worth the investment. We’re confident you will be placing your paid order. 

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