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A sure way to keep writing error-free 

From Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando, ProofreadingServices.com helps writers in the Orlando region achieve writing success. Our editors and proofreaders can spot and correct errors, suggest stronger word choices, and identify confusing passages that writers simply cannot catch because they are “too close” to their own writing. 

Successful writers know that after reading over copy dozens (or even hundreds) of times, they can become blind to mistakes that experienced editors can catch right away. That is why working with an editor is invaluable. Consider it an investment because clear, powerful writing can earn you a stellar reputation at work or in your field of study. No matter what kind of writing you do, we have a team member who specializes in editing that type of writing—academic, correspondence, business, journalism, fiction, even resume writing. 

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A quick method for strengthening your copy 

We have earned our reputation as the top online editing and proofreading service for English writing by serving thousands of clients around the world and all over Orlando, from Metro West to College Park. To get an idea of the breadth and depth of our service, consider these recent editing and proofreading projects: 

  • An academic editor proofread a thesis in a week. We have worked with students and professors at University of Florida, Adventist University of Health Sciences, University of Central Florida, and many more. 
  • A business editor reviewed a crucial proposal for a local business owner. We edit documents, guides, job applications, and forms for professionals in all parts of Orlando and surrounding areas. 
  • A specialist assisted a writer for whom English is a second language. We help thousands of international clients with their English writing, ensuring that it reads clearly. 
  • We have also assisted hundreds of writers with general copy editing and proofreading of simple documents. We accept jobs of any size. 

All you need to do to work with us is send us your document. Our editors will apply their skills and return your document according to your timeline. 

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A team dedicated to helping you improve your writing 

We have taken great care in assembling our team of editors. We are very selective—only one applicant from every 300 is eventually hired. We give editors a battery of challenging editing skills tests that they must pass before they join the team. Editors have extensive educations and years of experience as professional writers, editors, and proofreaders. They are native English speakers, so they can edit for all variations of English—regional dialects, academic language, formal and informal styles, or whatever variation of English your writing takes.  

As the premier proofreading service for the more than 285,000 writers in and around Orlando, we take pride in providing quick, high-quality service so that writers can meet tight deadlines. Our editors care about your work, so even though they can work fast they never sacrifice quality. Rest assured—your edited work will convey information and ideas in a clear and compelling fashion. 

Anyone who needs that invaluable second set of eyes to edit or proofread important documents can trust ProofreadingServices.com.  

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Work sample available for free 

We stand by our work. If you want to see proof that our editors can improve your writing, we will send you a genuine example of what our editors can do. To order a free sample of our work, click below. After reviewing this work sample, you will understand the level of impact our editors can make on your writing. 

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