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Are you looking to give your writing a boost?

You have done exhaustive research, written several drafts, and spent hours on revisions, but you still lack that one elusive thing that will take your paper to the next level. Instead of wringing your hands and sighing in frustration, just contact ProofreadingServices.com, the top online editing service for writers in San Bernardino. 

Our editors understand the writing process, having spent years working as professional writers, editors, and proofreaders. They can view your writing with fresh eyes and apply their keen insight, which together produce those subtle improvements that elevate your work. We have earned a reputation for high-quality editing and fast service for the more than 215,000 students, business professionals, marketing executives, and other writers in San Bernardino. They count on us. You can, too. 

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Hampered by endless revisions? 

Whether you are a short story writer living by the Original McDonald’s Site, a student attending University of Redlands, or a business owner working by San Manuel Stadium, our editors can apply their skills to your documents: 

  • Academic editing – We perform proofreading and editing for student theses, doctoral dissertations, journal articles, and other research papers. Our academic clients study and work at California State University, Loma Linda University, and many other schools in California, the U.S., and abroad. 
  • Business editing – We edit business documents ranging from simple forms and applications to complex proposals and internal handbooks. Businesses in and around San Bernardino rely on our expertise to produce clean documents. 
  • English as a second language – Our editors, all native English speakers, work with international clients to ensure their English writing reads smoothly and is free of grammatical errors. 
  • General copy editing – We work with professional writers as well as those who write as a hobby or just need help editing letters or emails. We welcome all jobs. 

You can see that our services run the gamut. If you are wondering how to work with us, it’s easy. Just send your article, story, brochure, term paper, or any other document to us. Once our editors complete their work, ensuring your ideas and information are presented clearly, you will receive the edited document in your inbox. 

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Looking for an editor you can trust?

From Drnag to Terrace, San Bernardino writers know they can turn to ProofreadingServices.com for editing and proofreading help. We take this responsibility seriously. When it comes to hiring, we seek only the best—1 applicant in every 300 is selected for editing positions. We have special editing skills tests that separate elite editors from ones who are merely average. 

Each editor maintains high standards for quality, but they also work efficiently, delivering completed projects on time. If you have an aggressive deadline approaching, you can order an express service from us. 

The decision is yours—if you want your writing to earn you more respect (and pay bigger dividends for your personal brand), then get in touch with ProofreadingServices.com today. 

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Let’s start with a free sample

We stand by our work—so much so that we are willing to give you a free sample of what we can do. Send us a 300-word sampling of your writing and one of our editors will edit it to demonstrate the kind of quality we deliver. Click below to get started. 

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