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Here’s your key to better writing quality in New York.

If you want better writing quality, you’ve come to the right place. If there’s one thing we at ProofreadingServices.com know, it’s how to improve anyone’s writing, whether they’re a seasoned professional or a fresh beginner. Our editors have helped everyone from PhD students, to the CEOs of leading organizations, to bestselling authors. We’re passionate about helping writers from New York because of our love for the state, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, and we’ve already helped thousands across the state. Our proofreaders are here for you, whether you need a light review to touch up your business proposal or a deep copyedit to fix the structure and clarity of your dissertation. No matter what you need, our team of professional editors is here to help you.

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Are our editors the right people for your editing job?

Even without knowing the details of your editing project, we can say that yes, we almost certainly can accommodate your editing needs. We’re the leading online English proofreading service for a reason: we’re reliable, accurate, fast, and flexible. Our team consists of a wide array of editors with different specialties, meaning we can easily accommodate the proofreading needs of just about any New Yorker. 

  • There’s no shortage of high-quality colleges in New York, including CUNY–New York City College of Technology, CUNY–Queens College, and CUNY–Hunter College. No matter where you study, work, or research, our academic editors are ready to help you convey your ideas in the most effective way possible. Whether you’re writing a doctoral thesis in biology or a journal article in psychology, entrust your paper to our academic editors for a truly professional review.
  • New York is often regarded as the financial capital of the world, with world-leading businesses found in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and elsewhere in New York City and New York State. These businesses thrive in part thanks to clear, effective writing, both internally and in advertisements. Our business editors have already assisted countless New York businesses with their writing, boosting their bottom line, and your business is welcome to take advantage of our editing skills as well.
  • New York attracts immigrants from all over the world, making it a hub for foreign languages. Of course, whether your native language is Spanish, Chinese, Russian, or something else, you still need clear, effective English to make the most of opportunities in New York, which is why our professional editing services are invaluable for non-native English speakers.
  • Anything else you’d like proofread? A professional email? A short story? A bulletin for your community initiative? Whatever your document is, our editors would be thrilled to help you.

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Our editors prove their skills through difficult editing tests.

You can always rest assured your editor has been carefully vetted by our administrators and the extremely difficult proofreading assessments all editing candidates must take. Another requirement is that editors must be native speakers of English, but they come from Anglophone countries from all around the world, meaning we easily cover all time zones. Our expert proofreaders have edited and proofread thousands of documents before yours, so they’re seasoned professionals who know exactly how to improve your writing.

With 19,542,209 writers—scholars, businesspeople, authors, and others—New York is a huge proofreading market. But that’s okay—ProofreadingServices.com is up for the challenge. So, no matter where you are in New York State, and no matter what kind of document you need proofread, send it to our team. And don’t worry if you have an urgent deadline—we have turnarounds as short as three hours to make sure you never miss a due date.

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Careful? It’s worth it to be cautious when entrusting your document to a new proofreading service. To put your mind at rest, we offer free editing samples to show you our editors really are all we’ve made them out to be.

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