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You’ve come up with an inspired and original thesis. You’ve spent hours researching and hunting down quality sources. You’ve slaved over your laptop to type up a great essay.

Unfortunately, the typos, grammar errors, and spelling mistakes you may not be able to catch can keep your academic writing from getting the respect it deserves. That’s why even the strongest and most well written of essays must be proofread and edited. However, after spending hours, days, or even weeks with your essay, you’re unlikely to be able to approach it with the fresh perspective and sharp eye it needs.

That’s where comes in. Our team of industry-leading editors and proofreaders is available all day, every day to review your essay with precision, speed, and ingenuity.

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Essay Proofreading and Editing: What We Do

At, our essay proofreaders and editors come from a wide range of academic disciplines and are recognized for being authorities in their fields. They have the keen judgment and sharp eye for detail only years of experience can bring, and they’ll help make your academic writing the best it can be through meticulous proofreading and insightful edits.

We work with graduate and doctoral students in all fields, from the sciences to the humanities. Regardless of length or subject matter, each and every essay receives a thorough edit with the following process:

  • Structural revision. Our editors identify and resolve structural concerns, seeking to improve syntax, clarity, and flow. If necessary, they revise sentences, adjust transitions, and ensure logical order.
  • Careful proofreading. Our essay proofreaders review your document for any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
  • Revision tracking. The team tracks all their changes before emailing the finished essay to you, allowing you to see the revisions, gain insight into why they made changes, and learn from the experience.

The essay proofreading process begins as soon as you submit your document, and we can have your work back to you in as little as one hour. Get started now.

The Top Essay Proofreaders and Editors Worldwide

As the leading essay proofreading and editing service in the world, we’ve helped advanced degree students from hundreds of countries, from Austria to Brunei. We also offer specialized editing and proofreading for students who are not native English speakers, so if you feel more comfortable writing in French, Turkish, Indonesian, or any of the +90 languages whose speakers we work with regularly, and you need an expert essay editor to make sure your academic writing reads naturally in English, you’ve come to the right place.

We assign each essay to an editor with experience in that field, and we can help ensure your document meets the requirements of any academic style guide, from Harvard to IEEE. Below are just some of the many projects we’ve worked on:

As soon as you submit your document, our team of professional editors and proofreaders will begin proofreading, editing, and polishing your essay within seconds.

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