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Here at, our editors know the ins and outs of the English language like the back of their hands. They’ve worked with writers of all levels and disciplines, from PhD candidates, to startup CEOs, to budding novelists hoping to write the next bestseller. Our professional proofreaders have helped hopeful scholars land a spot at their dream university, new businesses attract new customers, and bloggers better engage their audience. With this sort of vast editing experience supporting their proofreading decisions, our editors are ready to help writers from all across Israel thrive in their academic, professional, literary, and personal endeavors through the power of effective writing. We’re passionate about assisting writers from Israel because we love the country, from the Dome of the Rock to the Bahá'í Gardens, so no matter what kind of proofreading services you’re seeking, contact our team for expert guidance.

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Part of what makes our proofreading team so strong is the diversity of skills and knowledge among our professional editors. We hire talented proofreaders from all over the English-speaking world, which ensures we cover various dialects and time zones. We also look for editors with different areas of editorial expertise—academic, business, literary, other—as well as proofreaders with knowledge in extra fields, from economics to medicine. This way, we can ensure that no matter what you need proofread, we have the optimal editor on our team for your project.

  • Israel’s many prestigious universities, such as Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, or the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, are brimming with exceptional scholars producing groundbreaking ideas. The problem is that unclear or ineffective writing with grammatical mistakes can obscure these discoveries. The secret is our academic editors: no matter your field, our proofreaders will help you clearly and concisely share your ideas with the world.
  • Businesses in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and elsewhere in Israel, from budding startups to multinational corporations, are succeeding in part thanks to clear, effective writing in their correspondence and copy. We have experienced business editors on staff with the expertise to elevate your business writing and help you make the most of your internal communications and advertisements.
  • If Hebrew is your native language but you need to write an important academic, business, literary, or personal document in English, let us help you clearly express yourself. Our editors are experienced in ESL editing and can help you avoid embarrassing grammatical errors.
  • For anything else you need proofread, just count on our editing team. We’re here for you regardless of your editing needs. 

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It’s incredibly difficult to join our editing team—just ask the 99.7% of editing candidates who fail the rigorous set of proofreading assessments we use to vet applicants. The remaining 0.3% are skilled enough to join our team, and that’s why we’re so confident in our proofreaders. When you order proofreading services from us, your document will be expertly edited by a professional proofreader from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or another English-speaking country who has had years of experience in the editing, proofreading, and writing industries. 

In short, if you’re in Israel and are seeking top-notch editing services, is the solution. We’re prepared to serve the 8,884,000+ scholars, business professionals, novelists, and other writers in Israel who want their important documents in the best possible shape to achieve their goals. Our editors are dedicated to delivering accurate, high-quality editing within your specified turnaround, ensuring you never miss your deadline.

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If you’re hesitant about diving into paid proofreading services, don’t worry—we offer free proofreading samples so you can ascertain the quality of our work beforehand. In just 300 words, our proofreaders promise to blow you away.

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