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Don’t let typos ruin your reputation. 

All across Tennessee, great writers know how costly grammatical errors or unclear constructions can be for their reputation. They know that success requires the careful eye of a professional proofreader. Here at, we provide that service to writers across Tennessee, helping them succeed in academia, business, and the creative writing industry. Tennessee has many wondrous attractions to offer, such as the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame to Graceland, the former mansion of Elvis Presley, but the talent of writers across the state is what impresses our editors the most. We’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your writing, whether it’s for a university application, ad copy, or a collection of short stories. No matter what you need, we’re your one-stop shop for proofreading services.

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Are our editors the right proofreading experts for you?

Our editors are foremost experts in the proofreading industry, and their vast experience allows them to accommodate the proofreading needs of anyone in Tennessee. Our proofreading professionals have worked with scholars, business owners, novelists, and all sorts of other writers to help them achieve their best writing. From typo eradication to structural clarification, our editors can help you transform your writing, no matter what it is.

  • If you study at one of the great universities in Tennessee, such as the University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University, or the University of Memphis, our academic editors would be thrilled to help you push forward with your groundbreaking ideas. We’ve already helped clients from around the world with their doctoral theses and journal articles, and we can assist you, too, no matter what your field is.
  • Businesses stand to profit significantly from high-quality, effective writing, and our editors are here to help you reap those benefits. We want to help companies all around Tennessee succeed, whether they’re in Nashville or Memphis. With professional business proofreading, you can boost your bottom line considerably.
  • From Spanish, to Arabic, to Chinese, tons of Tennesseans speak a non-English language as their mother tongue. This can make it difficult for them to compete academically or professionally with native English speakers, but our editors can help. We can make sure your document reads as smoothly as that of an English native speaker.
  • Our expert proofreaders can help you with any other document you might have where you can’t afford to have grammatical mistakes. From emails to memos, let us take a look!

If you entrust your document to us, we’ll provide professional proofreading services that help you achieve your goals.

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We’re an editing team like no other.

Clients often wonder how we attract such high-quality editing talent to our team. It’s simple: We receive a lot of editing candidates who’d like to join our superb proofreading team, but they have to prove their worthiness by passing a stringent set of editing tests that only top-level proofreaders can overcome. A whopping 99.7% fail, leaving only the best editing talent in the world. That’s our secret. Of course, all our editors are also native English speakers with extensive editing, proofreading, and writing experience, but that’s a given—it’s the strict tests that really make us stand out. 

Across Tennessee, 6,770,010 authors, researchers, business leaders, and more rely on high-quality proofreading services to put forth their best work and succeed in their careers. We’re dedicated to meeting their high standards—with our level of flexibility, our editors make sure everyone in Tennessee has access to the quality proofreading services they deserve. Our team also works fast, if you need us to—we have turnaround times as short as three hours to make sure you never miss your deadline.

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If you’d prefer to see our work for yourself before placing a paid order, all you have to do is request a free proofreading sample below. With thousands of satisfied clients behind us, we’re confident our proofreaders will impress you with their editing skills.

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