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Good writing is hard work. When you’ve done the research and spent hours on a draft, you want your final copy to be flawless. And that’s why you need a trusted partner in success. As the leading online English editing and proofreading service, has a long record of helping people polish their writing. From Duck Creek to Rose Hill, we work with students, business leaders, civic representatives, and many more. Whether your needs focus on academics, business, or any other field, we’ll make sure your writing meets your reader’s highest expectations. 

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By making significant improvements in their writing, thousands of satisfied clients have benefited from our editing and proofreading services. How do you know your needs will be met? Check out these representative situations: 

  • Business people throughout Garland, from Historic Downtown to the Firewheel Town Center, trust us to edit and proofread company manuals, important memos, marketing copy, web and social media copy, and so much more.
  • Students, such as those attending Richland College or Amberton University, achieve greater success in every type of educational writing need, including essays, research papers, or academic journal articles. 
  • Writers who are non-native English speakers rely on our editors and proofreaders to make sure their writing style is consistent and free of grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Anyone who needs quality editing and proofreading can utilize our services to review their documents, such as resumes, cover letters, memos, or works of fiction.  

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We take great care to make sure you work with the best editing and proofreading team possible. Among the many who apply with, we select only one of 300 applicants after a series of intensive tests. You can be sure the team member you’re matched up with will be highly skilled, experienced, and committed to quality service.

For the 240,000 people in Garland, including students, teachers, businesspeople, civic leaders, and more, provides the best editing and proofreading services possible. You’ll achieve your writing goals whether you need a quick turnaround of an urgent company memo or a thorough review of a graduate level dissertation. 

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