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Creative juices. Painstaking research. Creation of first drafts. These are all elements of the writing process. Achieving great writing is not easy, and even the best professional writers in the country rely on an objective view to make sure their writing is polished and free of grammatical and typographical errors. is your best source of that second set of eyes, and where you can expect exceptional editing and proofreading every time you place an order. In Knoxville, from Market Square to Gay Street to Old City, we work with business professionals, students, creative writers, and many more to help them achieve the best possible writing results. Whether you need editing and proofreading for a letter of recommendation or a thorough review of a graduate level dissertation, one of our professional team members will make sure your document is flawless. 

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Experience, professionalism, and commitment to quality are the foundation of our editing and proofreading team. With thousands of satisfied clients, we know we can improve your academic or professional writing. Do you find yourself in any of the following scenarios?

  • If you’re a businessperson in Knoxville, from the Knoxville Convention Center to Market Square, we can edit and proofread business letters, policy manuals, memos, and many other types of documents.
  • If you’re a student at an institution such as the University of Tennessee or Pellissippi State Community College, we can help your success journey by reviewing your research papers, dissertations, theses, and many other academic documents.
  • If English is your second language, we can edit and proofread any type of document, making sure your writing style is consistent while addressing all grammatical and spelling issues.
  • If you need help with a one-time writing project, whether it’s a family history or a job application cover letter, our professionals will review your document to ensure it’s ready for your readers.

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We want to give you the best editing and proofreading services possible, so we take the time necessary to find great people with real skills gained through years of experience. On average, we select one out of about 300 who apply for a position. 

We offer the best editing and proofreading services possible to the more than 187,000 business professionals, students, and others in Knoxville who want to achieve success in their writing. There is no substitute for well-trained professionals when it comes to making sure your document creates the highest impact possible on your audience.

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