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At ProofreadingServices.com, the preeminent English proofreading service in Turkey, we know that your ability to write well can influence your reputation among your colleagues. That’s why we’re motivated to support academic and professional writers all over Ankara, from the Kocatepe Mosque to the Altinkoy Open Air Museum, by helping them write clearly and effectively in English. We’ll help ensure that your writing is respectable, whether you’re writing a journal article about chemistry, a press release for a new business, a cover letter for employment, or a book of poetry as a hobby.

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We’re sure that our expertise can make a difference in your academic or professional writing—after all, we are the number one online English editing service for writers in Ankara. Let us give you a few examples of documents we can edit and proofread for you:

  • If you’ve written an essay and need it proofread within three hours, send it to us. Graduate students and professors at Bilkent University, Middle East Technical University, and Hacettepe University, as well as others, utilize our services to make sure their research papers, journal articles, personal statements, and other documents are exceptionally well written.
  • If you’re a business owner or copywriter working on a brochure, employee handbook, or website, we can check it for errors and help maximize its effectiveness. Professionals working in every field and in every area of Ankara, from Yenimahalle to Çankaya, come to us for a helping hand with their business writing.
  • If your fiction or non-fiction manuscript needs to be prepared for publication, it’ll be in good hands with us. Not only do we provide editing that covers both minor and major aspects of English writing for authors in Ankara, but our offerings include an array of publishing services to help get your book into the hands of readers.
  • If you primarily speak Turkish or Arabic rather than English, you may welcome the guidance a native English speaker can provide to better your writing. Join the hundreds of other Ankaran writers who have used our services to polish their written English.
  • If you simply don’t have time to review that important letter but would like to quickly be sure it doesn’t contain errors, we’re here to help.

Just place your document in our capable hands and enjoy your day. We’ll get it taken care of.

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Our editors are simply the best.

Our standards are so high that, of every 300 editors who apply with us, we accept just one to join our team. This elite team comprises English experts who are native British and American English speakers, have backgrounds in writing, editing, and proofreading, and have confirmed their proficiency by scoring in the top 0.3% of applicants on our intimidating English exams.

Our stringent specifications guarantee that we’re the top proofreading service for the 5,271,000 master’s and doctoral students, entrepreneurs, scholars, and other writers in Ankara, as well as for writers in nearby areas including Kocaeli, Bursa, and Eskişehir. Our proofreading is both exceptional and expedient, and enables our clients to finish projects quickly and communicate their ideas with precision and competence. Let us know how we can help you today!

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If you aren’t sure whether you’re ready to place a paid order with us, just click the link below to request a free sample. We think you’ll enjoy this opportunity to experience the difference our editing services can make in your written English.

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