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How can you ensure that your writing flows smoothly?

There’s only one surefire way: hiring a proofreader. No one is above making mistakes—even the most talented writers slip up—and it’s remarkably difficult to spot your own errors. That’s why academics, professionals, novelists, and other writers from across Vancouver, from Canada Place to the Vancouver Lookout, entrust their precious documents to We're the leading English proofreading and editing service in British Columbia, and we help our clients eradicate embarrassing errors. Whether you require academic, professional, or general proofreading, we can help make sure your document reads smoothly.

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What kinds of services do we provide?

We provide professional proofreading and editing for all types of writing. We’re masters of the English language, so as long as your document is in English, we can help you. Here are just some types of editing that we offer.

Academic Proofreading
Whether you’re enrolled at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver Island University, or Capilano University, we’ll help you submit a clear and professionally proofread comparative education thesis or historical theology dissertation by your deadline.

Business Proofreading
Businesspeople from across Vancouver, from Gastown and Downtown Vancouver to West End and Yaletown, can confirm our expertise in business editing. Whether you need us to look over some business reports or your company's new website, we’ll assist you in achieving your professional goals.

ESL Proofreading
Did you know that approximately 40% of Metro Vancouver’s population speaks a language other than English? One of the most diverse cities in Canada, Vancouver is home to speakers of Punjabi, Chinese, German, Italian, and, of course, French. We work with ESL Vancouverites to polish their English documents as fast as possible. We also support the English proofreading needs of those in nearby Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Abbotsford. If you’re worried about the clarity of your English writing, we’ll aid you in producing a well-articulated and native-sounding text.

Book Proofreading
Books are long—it’s impossible to not let a few errors slip through. No matter what type of book you’re writing, we’ll help save you from the embarrassment of mistakes and ensure a clear, engaging story.

Whether your document falls into one or more of these categories or none of them, send it our way—we’ll treat it with the respect it deserves, and we'll return it to you swiftly.

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Who are we?

We’re native Canadian, Anglophone proofreaders and editors who are passionate about the English language. With our backgrounds in writing, editing, and proofreading, we can assure you that we know what we’re doing. We only hire the best: Only those who can pass a rigorous series of proofreading and editing tests earn a coveted place on our team (only one out of every 300 applicants achieves this feat!).

In short, if you’re looking for high-quality proofreading and editing in Vancouver, whether you’re a graduate student in Dunbar or a high-profile business professional in Downtown Vancouver, we’re the best choice. We’ll make sure your writing exudes linguistic excellence, and we’ll get it done by the deadline you specify.

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