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From the relaxing Brighton Palace Pier to the leisurely Brighton City Airport, writers in every career field call on They know it’s the easiest way to elevate their writing from mediocre to magnificent. Great writing makes a great impression, so whether you’re working on a website for your tech start-up, an application for a graduate school program, a marketing plan for a new client, or a science fiction novel for your own sanity, our accomplished editors will join forces with you to win your audience over.

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Our online English editing service is the best available for writers in creative and diverse Brighton and Hove. Even the most prolific, mature writers need an impartial editor to stand behind them—but any writer’s work can be refined and developed by our editing pros.

  • Academic papers that are due within days are no problem for us. Need help with Chicago, MLA, or APA style? We can handle it. If you’re a master’s or PhD student or professor at the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex, we can edit your pharmaceutical sciences journal articles, environmental policy theses, political anthropology essays, and experimental physics dissertations, and you can be confident your hard work will be taken seriously.
  • Business proposals, resumes, marketing agreements, and blog posts can be elegant and lucid when you collaborate with us. From Kemptown to Shoreham-by-Sea, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and other business writers send their documents to our editors for assurance that they’ll be effectively written, not marred by distracting errors.
  • A traditionally published or self-published literary manuscript can be a source of pride rather than stress when it’s been evaluated by one of our professional editors. Aside from fine-toothed combing for minor errors and major formatting problems, we supply authors with a collection of publishing services to make sure their months or years of work pay off.
  • A document written in English (when you mostly speak Arabic, Polish, or Spanish) can be clear and coherent when you consult with a native English-speaking editor. Since even native English speakers often need help to write well, there’s no reason you shouldn’t join the hundreds of other Brighton writers who rely on our services to wield their English skills competently.
  • A full schedule doesn’t have to mean going to the presses with less than stellar writing. Our team can handle the proofreading within your deadline, with turnarounds ranging from three hours to three days, so your team can focus on what they do best.

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Our UK native English-speaking editors have careers in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. Each of them has demonstrated proficiency on our tough assessments, which are so difficult that just one of every 300 candidates excels on them. These are the editors who comprise our team, and this team knows their onions.

Without question, our proofreading service is the best option for the over 289,000 writers in Brighton and nearby Worthing, Saltdean, and Peacehaven. With our help and our quick turnarounds (as fast as one hour), they turn out documents that articulate their messages unambiguously and that are enjoyable to read without compromising their deadlines. Splendid writing is within your reach as well.

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