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Do you want your writing to be clear and concise?

Turn to, the leading online English proofreading and editing service. We work with graduate students and businesspeople from across Canberra, from Parliament House to the Australian War Memorial, to help them produce high-quality work. We know the value of your thoughts and ideas, and we know how important it is to communicate them clearly and effectively. Our expert editors are ready to use their stellar skills to make sure grammar and spelling errors do not distract from your message. We’ll ensure your writing boosts your reputation in your field.

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We have assembled a top-notch team of expert proofreaders and editors. All of them had to pass qualifying tests so difficult that of every 300 English applicants, only one is accepted. Our team members draw on extensive experience as professional writers, editors, and proofreaders to help you express your information and thoughts effectively.

The bottom line is that we’re the best proofreading service for the more than 400,000 people who live, work, or study in Canberra. Our fast, high-quality proofreading helps people worldwide produce their best work, even under tight deadlines.

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If you’re a writer, we can make sure you’re producing your best material. As the best online English proofreading and editing service, we work with writers all over the world on a variety of documents:

  • Business documents: We know how important your reputation is and how quality writing can boost it. Our expert editors have worked with business professionals across Canberra, from Canberra Central to Inner South, to make sure their proposals, product brochures, and white papers are clearly written and free of embarrassing typos.
  • Academic documents: We know that you often work under tight deadlines. Rest assured—we can edit your thesis and get it back to you within 24 hours. Whether you are affiliated with the University of Canberra, the Australian National University, or the University of New South Wales Canberra, we’re ready to help.
  • Fiction and nonfiction books: Whether you are a first-time or established author, trust us to improve your writing and ensure your readers aren’t distracted by typos and grammar mistakes in your manuscript.
  • English-as-a-second-language documents: Are you a speaker of Chinese, Vietnamese, or Italian who isn’t completely comfortable writing in English? Our expert editors can make sure your English document reads like it was written by a native Australian English speaker.
  • General documents: Are you applying for a position and want your resume to stand above the rest? Did you write an important email and want to be sure it contains no spelling errors? You can rest easy with our expert editors on the job.

We’ve helped thousands of writers all over the world produce their best work. Hire us to help you make a great impression, too.

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