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Is your writing falling short of your ambitions?

It doesn’t have to. As Cincinnati’s top online English proofreading and editing service, goes to bat for businesspeople and grad students all over the city, from the jaw-dropping Museum Center to the historic Observatory, so their writing can match their aspirations. Brilliant writing can help you achieve your goals, and we’re on your side. Whether you work in biotech, energy, manufacturing, finance, or food processing, and whether your document is ACS, IEEE, APA, MLA, or Chicago style, we’ve got you covered.

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Upgrading your writing can be quick and convenient.

As Cincy’s top choice for online English proofreading and editing, we understand that you don’t just need spectacular writing—you need it fast.

  • Your medical anthropology journal article can be edited within six hours, and your psycholinguistics dissertation can be edited within six days. Not only do we bolster University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and Mount Saint Joseph University students’ and professors’ confidence in their writing, but we also help them conquer their deadlines.
  • Your resume, business plan, brochure, or website can grab the attention of your audience and win them over. Professionals throughout Cincinnati, from Downtown Cincinnati to Hyde Park, are reaping the benefits of sharper business communication after using our services.
  • Your manuscript can be prepped for Amazon or traditional publication faster than you can say “Cincinnati chili.” Our publishing services even provide the means to promote your book after we’ve checked it for typos, style, and formatting.
  • Your English writing can be as smooth as a native English speaker’s even if you primarily speak Spanish, French, German, or another language rather than English. Hundreds of Cincinnati writers maximize the fluency of their English documents with our help.
  • Your packed schedule doesn’t have to keep you from delivering exceptional work on even the tightest of deadlines. Our service allows you to be more productive and lower your stress while raising your writing to unprecedented heights.

Nothing makes a job easier than using the right tools. Our service, available 24/7/365, is the right tool for any stupendous and speedy writing job.

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Our editors are three-way.

Foundationally, they’re native US English speakers.

Their professional writing, editing, and proofreading experience is rich and meaty.

They are among the few who excel on our insanely difficult proofreading and editing exams—we invite only one in 300 candidates to join our team. These meticulous standards give our clients confirmation that their work will be handled by the best, for a little extra goodness on top of the basics.

It’s simple. Our team is the ideal proofreading provider for the 300,000 master’s and PhD students, entrepreneurs, researchers, freelancers, and others in the metropolitan area, including Hamilton, Mason, and Florence (y’all), who want to be sure their writing is top notch. We enable our clients to express themselves articulately and eloquently without compromising their punctuality or their unique voice.

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