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There’s no such thing as perfection, but we come pretty close.

There’s always room for improvement. Although there’s no such thing as ‘the perfect document’, we’ll help get your text as close to perfection as possible—we know we can because we at ProofreadingServices.com constitute the number one English proofreading and editing service on the web. Your fellow scholarly, professional, and creative writers from across Dublin, from the National Museum of Ireland to Dublin Castle, can testify that from meticulous dissertation edits and thorough cover letter reviews to novel manuscript line editing and general grammar copy editing, we can help Dublin writers improve any type of writing.

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We can help you with almost any type of writing.

Given our superbly talented editors and extensive experience, it’s clear that there’s no better English proofreading service in the Big Smoke. Our experience covers a wide range of writing forms, so no matter what you need edited, we’re sure we can assist.

  • The esteemed institutions of University College Dublin, the University of Dublin, and Dublin City University have high expectations in terms of academic writing. Let us aid you with the grammar and style of your behavioural sociology thesis or zoology paper to help you meet both those high standards and your looming deadline.
  • One does not become a business leader with subpar writing. Make your business writing shine—and with it, your business achievements. Business owners and professionals from around Dublin, from Trinity College to Grafton Street, have already enlisted our help to boost their business writing and web content.
  • Penning a novel is no easy feat. In addition to inventing relatable characters and fresh plot twists, you must ensure that your writing style appropriately engages your readers. For Dublin authors, there’s an easy way to guarantee appropriate style—our top-notch book editing services. (We also offer publishing services for authors!)
  • English grammar can be pretty tough—for ESL speakers and native speakers alike. We’re English-language experts, so whether your primary language is English, Irish, Polish, Arabic, or anything else, we’ll make sure your writing is grammatically correct and flows well.
  • We can also help you with any other documents that simply mustn’t contain typos or grammatical errors. Emails, blog posts, memos—whatever it is, let us take a look!

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Our proofreading expertise is unparalleled.

That’s no exaggeration—we hire only the best one out of every 300 applicants. The stringent series of demanding editing assessments to which we subject all proofreading candidates identifies the most skilled editors—the mere 0.33% who manage to pass—and only they are welcome to join our exclusive team. Vastly experienced in professional writing, editing, and proofreading, our editors call Ireland—or the US, the UK, Canada, or Australia—home.

The more than 553,000 writers in the academic, business, and creative writing communities in Dublin and other Irish cities, including Cork, Limerick, and Galway, deserve only the best editors for their precious documents. As the best English editing service in Ireland, we’re here to offer our top-notch services to them. Any Dublin writer in need of thorough, high-quality, and rapid proofreading need only turn to us. We’ll get your material in shape.

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Entrusting your treasured manuscript to a proofreading service can be intimidating—you need to be sure of the editors’ skills. Have no worries—our 300-word free samples show you exactly how talented our first-rate proofreaders are.

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