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Writing well is important.

The team at ProofreadingServices.com understands that the brilliance or mediocrity of your writing can make the difference between success and failure. As the premier online English editing service, we work with businesspeople, graduate students, scientists, and other writers in Geneva, from the Jardin Botanique to the Centre sportif Bout-du-Monde. Whether your proofreading needs are academic, business-related, publishing-oriented, or just a hobby, we can help set you on the path to success.

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Who can benefit from our services?

As the preferred online proofreading service of Swiss nationals, we don’t doubt our ability to elevate our clients’ academic or professional writing. The question is, who are our clients?

Master’s and doctoral students at the University of Geneva, the International University in Geneva, or UBIS University, among other schools, contract with us for their academic editing needs, from short-answer assignments to doctoral dissertations.

When they’re writing business proposals, business plans, brochures, or advertisements, professionals everywhere in Geneva, from Appia to Eaux-Vives, look to us to ensure their documents are as error-free as possible.

English speakers in more than 90 countries across the globe use ProofreadingServices.com to make sure their communication is clear and their grammar is great. This includes writers in cute Swiss towns like Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen as well as those in big Swiss cities like Zürich and Basel. When you spend most of your days speaking Swiss French or Swiss German, we know that your English skills can get a little rusty. We're here for you.

Busy people in every field save time by using our service. By checking and correcting their documents for them, we free up time in their schedules for the things they’d rather be doing.

Send in your document, select your turnaround time and have a wonderful day. We’ll get it done for you.

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How reliable are we?

Our proofreading and editing gurus are native English speakers and have years of writing, editing, and proofreading experience. We’ve put everyone on our team through a set of extremely difficult proofreading evaluations, and just one of every 300 applicants is invited to join us. Our editors are first-rate.

The nearly 200,000 graduate students, jobseekers, researchers, and other Geneva residents who need an expert opinion on their writing can count on our valuable and convenient services. We help people complete their work on time and write capably and articulately. We can help you do that, too.

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We also offer free samples.

We offer free 300-word samples so you can see our work before you place a paid order. Click here for a demonstration of our approach to improving your writing:

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