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Do you want to improve your English writing? offers expert proofreading and editing to writers throughout London. Because our services are available online (and 24/7), we can always work with you to improve the quality of your document whether you’re located near Big Ben, the Tower of London, or one of the many other stunning landmarks scattered across the city. Since your reputation among your readers is only as good as the calibre of your writing, we will carefully review your documents to help make them the best that they can be.

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Do we offer the editing services you need? Almost certainly.

As the premier English proofreading and editing service available for the United Kingdom, including all cities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, we assure you that our editors can improve your academic or professional writing. In London, we’ve worked with writers with a variety of editing needs.

University professors and graduate students at most of the city's universities, including the following:

Business professionals throughout the Central Business District, Canary Wharf, Silicon Roundabout, and elsewhere. We've worked with professionals in London's "Can of Ham," "Cheesegrater," and "Gherkin." (Did you know London has so many buildings with food nicknames?) When Londoners need proofreading for their marketing documents, corporate websites, PowerPoint presentations, and more, they turn to our team of British editors.

English-language learners who help make London one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the world. Did you know there are over 300 languages spoken in the city and nearly 1.7 million Londoners don't count English as their first language? We've helped ESL London residents who speak the following natively:

Literary writers nestled in Camden and Chelsea as well as throughout the Greater London Area. In this city of literary greats, from Virginia Woolf to Charles Dickens to George Orwell, we have had the distinct privilege of assisting new and established authors, including those publishing their manuscripts to Amazon and traditionally.

Anyone, everywhere. Nestled in this amazing city are thousands of writers seeking a second set of eyes. We've helped authors in nearly all of London's boroughs, including Croydon, Barnet, Ealing, Enfield, Brent, Newham, Bromley, Lambeth, and so many more.

    Whether you need copy editing for a short story, a deep review of your CV, editing for your engineering thesis, proofreading for your economics dissertation, a thorough check of your novel's prose, or a close examination of a letter or email, our editors and proofreaders will provide professional services of the highest quality. Just send us your document, and we’ll get to work fast. In fact, we can return documents in just hours.

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    How do we know we're the leading proofreaders on the River Thames?

    The highly skilled proofreaders and editors who make up our team are native UK English speakers. Each also has extensive knowledge of proofreading, editing, and professional writing. We carefully and thoroughly evaluate applicants with proofreading and editing tests to make sure that they can provide the quality services you seek and deserve. Of those who apply, only about one in 300 makes the cut. That's dramatically more selective than admission to Oxford or Cambridge.

    We provide first-rate services for the 8,788,000 scholars, businesspeople, novelists, and others in London who need their writing professionally reviewed—including those typing away in Westminster, Southwark, and beyond. Our talented editors are able to thoroughly and accurately edit your document and return it to you by your deadline, providing you with a polished text that conveys your ideas clearly. Need your file back in a day? We can do that. Need your file back in 3 hours? No problem.

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    We offer free samples of our professional editing services to interested writers. If you would like to get an idea of what our editors can do for you, click on the below link to order a free sample.

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