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At ProofreadingServices.com, we know how important good writing is to your career, whether you are in an academic field, the business world, or the literary world. As the leading online English proofreading and editing service, we work with graduate students, businesspeople, novelists, and more across Australia, from the Sydney Opera House to Perth's Bell Tower, to help them make sure their writing is the best it can be.

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We edit a variety of documents

Whatever type of writing you do, as the best online English proofreading and editing service, we’re confident we can improve it.

  • Do you need your dissertation proofread within a week? No problem. Are you submitting a journal article and want a second set of eyes to catch any grammar or APA citation errors? Whether you study at the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, or the University of Sydney, we’re here for your academic editing needs.
  • Is English your second language? Perhaps you speak Japanese or Chinese most often and you're struggling with English grammar rules. No worries—we’ve got you covered. We’ll help your document sound more like it was written by a native-speaking English major.
  • Have you prepared a business proposal and need to ensure you are making a good impression? We’ll review it and help ensure embarrassing grammar mistakes don't sneak through. Are you looking for a job and want your resume to sparkle? We’ve worked with businesspeople from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and more to edit resumes, cover letters, and follow-up letters. From Wollongong to Bunbury, we have you covered.
  • Are you an author of fiction or nonfiction? Our experienced editors will work with you to improve your book or short story, whether you want help with the first draft or the final draft.
  • Did you write a report or important email and want a grammar expert to just give it a quick proofread? We can do that, too.

With ProofreadingServices.com on your team, you can relax.

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Our team is the best

Whether you need academic proofreading, business proofreading, or a thorough review of your book, our editing and proofreading experts are ready to wow you. You can be sure that we hire only the best. Our team members are native Australian English speakers with deep experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. All of them have proven their skills by passing several challenging proofreading and editing tests. We get a lot of applicants but hire only one of every 300. As you can tell, our standards are higher than Sydney Tower.

As a result, we’re the best editing service for the more than 23 million graduate students, businesspeople, academics, and others in Australia who need a second set of eyes for their writing. Our fast, high-quality work can help you effectively communicate your ideas in writing, within your deadline, even if it’s tight. If you need proofreading and editing, we’re here.

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