Editing and Proofreading Services in Sharjah, UAE

Produce your best writing.

As the leading online English editing service in the United Arab Emirates, ProofreadingServices.com will help you produce your best written work. We help improve the writing of academics, professionals, and authors across Sharjah, from Al Majaz Waterfront to the Eye of the Emirates. Whether you need literary copy editing, academic proofreading, or business editing, we’ve got you covered.

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We offer services for many editing needs.

No matter where in Sharjah you live or what editing needs you have, we are confident we can improve your academic, literary, or professional writing. Here are a few of the ways we can help:

  • Literary editing. If your manuscript is ready for final edits, let us give it a thorough proofread before you send it to the publisher or self-publish it.
  • Academic editing. Is your thesis due next week? No problem. Whether you study or work at the University of Sharjah, the American University of Sharjah, or Skyline University College, we can edit your dissertation, journal article, or other academic writing.
  • Business editing. Does your business proposal need to be proofread by Friday? We work with professionals across Sharjah, from the SAIF Zone to Al Khan.
  • Non-native English editing. If you speak Arabic on a daily basis and your English is a bit rusty, we can help make sure your English document reads smoothly. We’ve helped thousands of people around the world, including in Sharjah, improve their writing projects.
  • General copy editing. Maybe you just need someone to check an important email for typos and other grammatical errors. We can do that, too.

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Choose the best editing team.

Each of our expert proofreaders and editors has passed a set of rigorous editing tests, and we hire only one of every 300 applicants. Our team comprises native English speakers with backgrounds in professional editing, proofreading, and writing, and they excel at what they do.

Simply put, we’re the best online English editing service for the more than 544,000 businesspeople, authors, graduate students, and other writers in Sharjah looking for fast, quality proofreading. We work within tight deadlines to help Emiratis express their written ideas clearly and effectively. If you need proofreading or editing, we’re here for you.

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Sample our professional editing services.

Your writing is important, and we understand if you want to see a free sample of our work before placing a paid order. Click below to discover how our exceptional editors can improve your writing.

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