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DC is a city of serious writers, and ProofreadingServices.com is the preferred online English proofreading and editing service for writers in the nation’s capital, from the National Cathedral to the Capitol Building. We help writers deliver outstanding work, no matter their field, and we have no doubt we can better your academic or professional handiwork as well. (Of course, many government offices and communications firms rely on us to polish their work.) Perhaps you’re wondering whether your document is one we can edit.

  • Is your educational leadership thesis or nanotechnology dissertation due soon? Graduate students and professors at George Washington University, American University, Georgetown University, and Gallaudet University, among others, look to us for their academic editing needs.
  • Is your advertisement too clunky, your business proposal too wordy, or your "About Us" web page too disorganized? Professionals in nearly every neighborhood in Washington, including Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, and Adams Morgan, employ our services to make their business documents first-rate.
  • Is your English document not quite as smooth and readable as you’d hoped? America's capital and the home of over 175 diplomatic missions, Washington, DC, has many speakers of Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and other languages. We review documents for numerous English as a second language speakers in the Greater DC Area, including those in Alexandria, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville, Annapolis, and Baltimore.
  • Is your schedule already so busy (in DC, whose isn’t?) that you lack the time you need to go over those documents again? Send them our way and we'll review them in just hours.

Whatever your needs may be, we’re at your service.

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What can our services do for you?

We understand that your personal and professional credibility can rise or fall with your ability to write competently, so whether you’re writing for academia, work, publication, or just as a hobby, our service is a resource you can use to help ensure that your writing is perceived positively.

The bottom line? For the over 681,000 master’s and doctoral students, executives, scholars, government employees, and others in Washington who aspire to write with excellence, our proofreading and editing service can’t be topped. We provide speedy, meticulous, and secure proofreading to help our clients complete their projects on time while communicating eloquently and precisely. Let us know what we can edit for you today!

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How qualified are we?

When it comes to hiring, we accept just one in every 300 hopefuls. These highly qualified proofreaders are native US English speakers who have years of experience in writing and editing and have outscored the competition on our difficult proofreading and editing examinations. Our team’s editors are the best in their field.

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If you need to see our approach to editing before ordering with us, it’s no problem! To submit your document for a sample edit and find out how our service can enhance your writing, just click here:

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