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Are you looking for English proofreading and editing?

As the leading online English proofreading and editing service for Korea, ProofreadingServices.com helps graduate students, researchers, storytellers, and businesspeople all over Daegu, from 83 Tower to the Daegu National Museum, to enhance their writing. Your ability to write well can shape the way others view you, so whether your document is in American or UK English, whether it needs light proofreading or heavy copy editing, we can help make sure it’s written with excellence.

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What can we do for you?

We’re sure that we can elevate your written work. You may be wondering whether your document is one that we can edit or proofread.

  • Is your thesis deadline fast approaching? Whether you’re a graduate student at Kyungpook National University, Keimyung University, or the Daegu National University of Education, we’ll help improve your thesis, and work with you to improve your dissertation, journal article, statement of purpose, or other academic document.
  • Are you still noticing errors in your business plan or brochure? We collaborate with business writers in every area of Daegu, from Dongseongno to Dalseo-gu.
  • Despite speaking Korean most of the time, do you need to ensure your creative English manuscript is fluently written? We help authors in over 90 countries, including many in South Korea, maximize the readability of their English writing.
  • Does that important email still need to be checked for minor mistakes? Send it to us, and you’ll have more time for other tasks.

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Our team is the best.

Our experts are native British and American English speakers educated in professional writing and editing. We hire just one in 300 English proofreaders who apply, and only after they’ve excelled on a series of painstaking assessments. Our editors are outstanding in their field.

Simply stated, ProofreadingServices.com is the best choice for the 2,493,000 Daegu writers who need assistance with their work. The standard of our proofreading and editing is unsurpassed, and our clients can be confident that we’ll help them complete their work on time and communicate their ideas clearly. Our team is here for any proofreading and editing you need.

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We understand if you prefer to review a sample of our work before ordering. Request a free sample today and see how our proofreaders can enhance your work:

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