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Do you require the expert eye of a professional proofreader?

You’re in luck—we at, the best English proofreading and editing service in Canada, are here to assist academics, professionals, and writers of all other types from across Halifax, from Citadel Hill to the Halifax Waterfront, with producing the highest-quality writing they can. In all fields of writing, from academia and the business world to creative writing and other publication fields, the quality of your writing can have a major impact on your reputation and influence. That’s why, no matter what kind of proofreading you require, we endeavour to help make your text shine.

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We understand that you want only the best for your treasured manuscript—so, as Haligonia’s best online English editing and proofreading service, we’re up for the job. With extensive experience editing a wide range of documents, we have no doubt that we can live up to your high standards. Below, we’ve outlined a few examples of texts we can edit.

  • With a whopping six universities despite its relatively small population, Halifax is a booming student hub. There are a lot of graduate and doctoral students in Halifax—whether from Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, Mount Saint Vincent University, or any others—and we’re determined to help as many as possible submit top-notch dissertations, journal articles, and other papers.
  • Are you a business owner or skilled professional operating in Halifax? From promotional materials and advertisement scripts to resumes and cover letters, we’ve got businesspeople in Downtown Halifax, Spring Garden, and the rest of the city covered.
  • Have you just finished a brilliant book and now require an editor’s finishing touches? Let us help you with the style and grammar of your narration so that you can tell the most compelling story possible. Additionally, our publishing services for authors may also interest you.
  • Halifax is a diverse city, so not everyone is a native English speaker. No problem—whether you speak English, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, or any other language, we’d like to assist you. In addition to being professional editors, we’re native English speakers, so we know exactly how to make your writing sound natural.
  • Do you simply need a sharp-eyed professional to eradicate typos from an email or important message as rapidly as possible? Sure thing—send it our way!

Just send us your arduously crafted composition, relax, and enjoy a beavertail on the waterfront. We’ll handle it from here.

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We’re the best of the best—according to assessments.

Having professionally written, edited, and proofread for years, our top-notch, Canadian, native English-speaking proofreaders have no shortage of experience. Experience, though, isn’t everything—which is why we subject every candidate to a series of rigorous editing evaluations before hiring. Only one out of every 300 proofreading applicants makes the cut—our standards are that high.

It all comes down to this: There’s no better proofreading service for the more than 403,000 scholars, businesspeople, professors, authors, and others in Halifax and surrounding areas, such as Dartmouth, Sackville, and Bedford, in need of dazzlingly clear, naturally flowing writing. We’ll fix up your document, remove typos, clear up ambiguities, and ensure adherence to your chosen style guide (including Chicago, IEEE, MLA, and house style guides), and we’ll do it blazingly fast—our flexible turnaround time options ensure that, with us, you’ll never miss your deadline.

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