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How important is good writing?

At, we understand that your reputation can depend on the merit of your writing. Across Hamburg, from the Church of St. Michael to the Museumsdorf Volksdorf, writers both professional and amateur lean on us for help in producing terrific work. Whether you’re writing a dissertation, a novel, a resume, or a book of poetry, we’re here to make sure you’re on the path to success.

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We’re here for you.

The 1,787,000 Hamburg graduate students, nonfiction writers, scientists, and others who need their writing to be excellent can make no better choice. Our high-quality, convenient, and speedy proofreading and editing services help customers finish their work on time while turning out material that is articulate and impressive. Here are just a few examples of the work we do.

  • Are you pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Hamburg, the Hamburg University of Technology, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, or another school in the city? We can edit your thesis, or any other paper you’re working on.
  • Are you writing a business plan or proposal? All over town, from Mitte to Altona and beyond, we can work with you toward success.
  • Do you speak German or Turkish most of the time and you'd love some help improving the readability of your English documents? Writers around the world use our service to increase the fluency of their US or UK English writing.
  • Are you pressed for time, and need someone else to check your email or presentation for grammar and spelling mistakes? Send it our way.

We’ll take care of all of these, and so much more.

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How reliable is our team?

We’re Germany’s number one English proofreading service, and we’re confident in our ability to elevate your written communications. But how can you be as confident as we are?

You can know that with, your document will be reviewed by a native English speaker with professional writing, editing, and proofreading experience. This team comprises the top 0.3% of candidates who excel on our gauntlet of proofreading and editing exams—just one in 300. Our editors are outstanding in their field.

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