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Avoid embarrassment—hire a proofreader.

Typos can range from trivial to devastating to unintentionally hilarious—and you don’t want any of them creeping into your professional or academic writing. In addition to grammatical errors, unclear writing and poor flow can undermine your ideas and generate misunderstandings, which can spell drastic consequences in academia or the business world. Don’t worry, though—the language masters at, Finland’s leading English proofreading and editing service, are well versed in the art of text enhancement. We can polish any writing you send our way, be it academic, business-oriented, creative, or of any other nature. We’re here for you and your peace of mind.

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Professional editing for any text.

That’s right, any text—no matter what the writers of The White City of the North need edited, they can always confidently turn to us for assistance. Having skillfully edited numerous documents of all types, our team, consisting of the best editors and proofreaders in the industry, will blow you away, no matter what you send our way.

  • Finland is renowned for its excellent education system. Are you a graduate or doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, or the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences? We regularly work with Finnish students seeking advanced degrees to help them produce texts that live up to Finland’s high standards of education.
  • Are you part of Helsinki’s booming business scene? Business entails an abundance of writing—and it’s crucial that this writing is clear and reads smoothly. Professionals from across Helsinki, whether in Kauppatori, Kamppi, or any other area, know that their business reports, press releases, and other documents are safe with us.
  • Are you about to release a new book to the market? Allow us to put the finishing touches on it. Our skillful style and grammar editing service promises to let your story shine in all its glory. And, once we’re done polishing your manuscript, we can also help you publish it.
  • Englannin kieli on vaikeaa. Det förstår vi. That’s why we help Finnish and Swedish speakers from across Helsinki elevate their English writing. And if your native language is something else, don’t worry—we’ll happily help you, too.
  • Does your text not fit into any of the above categories? That’s fine: as long as it’s in English, we can edit it—and fast!

So, don’t hesitate—send your document to us, and allow your worries to dissipate. Maybe hop on over to Suomenlinna—you deserve a relaxing break.

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It’s not easy to land a spot on this exclusive proofreading team.

We’re not kidding—we only take the best one out of every 300 candidates. Each applicant is subjected to a sequence of challenging proofreading assessments, and only those talented few who emerge successful are hired. Those who do are professional English native speakers with vast experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading—they’re highly familiar with the industry and know exactly how to turn any writing into a work of art.

The conclusion? There’s no better editing service for the more than 642,000 academics, professionals, novelists, and other writers in Helsinki—as well as surrounding areas, including Espoo and Vantaa—who require a talented editor’s linguistic expertise. If you’re looking for a professional, prompt editing service that guarantees delivery of your expertly polished manuscript by your specified deadline, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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Hesitant? We get it—you want nothing but the best. We can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk?

Yes, we can. Let us show you in a 300-word free sample, which is all we need to blow you away.

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