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You’ve found the best English proofreading service in Italy.

ProofreadingServices.com is the best English proofreading and editing service available to Italians. Our clients include writers of all kinds across Italy, from the Colosseum to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, who wish to upgrade their writing. Well-written documents help you stand out among others in your field, so whether you’re preparing medical research, business documents, your resume, or a young adult book, we can provide you with the detailed copy editing, proofreading, and document review that you need.

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Our team is experienced in editing academic papers, websites, manuscripts, and more.

Whatever your writing project may be—large or small, professional or academic, urgent or not—our leading team of editors and proofreaders can help you make your writing the best it can be.

  • Is the deadline for your thesis rapidly approaching? We help advanced degree students at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Università di Bologna, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, and elsewhere polish their academic writing in time to meet their tight deadlines. We’ve successfully worked on journal articles, dissertations, and more.
  • Do you want your English website to stand out from among your competitors’ sites? We can help you with all your professional writing to ensure engaging, clear communication. Our clients include business writers throughout Italy, from Rome to Milan to Naples to Turin.
  • Are you working on self-publishing your first novel? We offer a variety of publishing services for authors for Italians writing in English. Whether you’re publishing your novel yourself or submitting it to a well-known firm or a smaller organization, we can help ensure accurate grammar, consistent manuscript formatting, and effective word choice.
  • Are you more familiar writing in Italian (or even French, Spanish, German, or Basque) than writing in English? We’ve worked with hundreds of non-native English writers in Italy to help finalize their English documents and ensure clear, smooth reading.
  • Are you fretting over how you will come across in an important email? We are happy to look over your message to make sure you’ve used appropriate tone and word choice and that you have communicated your point clearly and professionally. We know time is of the essence with emails and similar writing, so we offer many quick turnarounds.

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Our US and UK editors and proofreaders are highly skilled.

Each of the editors and proofreaders on our team has a background as a native English speaker and has extensive training in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. We hire only the best of the tens of thousands of applicants we get each year in order to ensure that the quality of the work we do for you is consistently excellent.

The over 60,589,000 graduate students, businesspeople, professors, authors, and others in Italy, including those in Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, and Florence, who could benefit from an expert review of their writing can feel comfortable ordering from us. We offer thorough, accurate proofreading and editing that will be completed before your deadline, whether it is in a few hours or a few days.

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Free samples are available to new clients.

If you haven’t used our services before, you might feel a little uneasy about committing to a paid order. We understand this, so we offer free proofreading samples for new clients. Just send us a portion of your document, and we will return your completed sample within 24 hours.

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