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Reap the benefits of high-quality writing.

Whether in academia, the business world, the creative writing industry, or any number of other facets of life, the quality of your writing can have a massive impact. Clear, high-quality writing will help you succeed, whereas poor-quality writing will undermine your ideas. The problem is that writing is not necessarily simple.

That’s what is here for. We’re Luxembourg’s top online English proofreading and editing service, serving Luxembourgish scholars, business leaders, and other writers, from the Old Quarter to the National Museum of History and Art. Whatever your editing needs, from academic dissertations and business reports to novel manuscripts and CVs, we’ve got you covered. We promise to help you reap the benefits of high-quality writing.

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Who exactly do we serve?

In essence, we serve all Luxembourgish writers in need of top-notch professional editing services. We’re the leading online English proofreading service in the Gibraltar of the North, and we don’t take our responsibility to the writers of Luxembourg lightly. No matter what you need, we do our best to help.

  • A large portion of our clients are academic writers. It can be incredibly difficult to juggle solid content, clear sentences, and proper style, which is precisely why we’ll assist you with the latter two. Got a rapidly approaching deadline, too? No problem, we’re quick, with turnaround times from one day to one hour and everything between. With us, graduate and PhD students at the University of Luxembourg, Sacred Heart University, or the University Institute International Luxembourg need not worry about their academic writing quality.
  • A significant number of businesspeople also seek our proofreading services to elevate the level of their professional documents. Whether you’re in need of an unambiguous formal business report or punchy, engaging promotional web content, we can assist business owners all over Luxembourg, from Esch-sur-Alzette to Troisvierges.
  • We also edit quite a few literary manuscripts. Naturally, writing quality is crucial in a novel: Poor narration can render even the most intriguing plot ideas painfully boring. No matter what type of book you’re penning, we’ll make sure your grammar and style are in shape. And we can also help you with publishing.
  • Many of our clients are not English native speakers. In Luxembourg, a nation of polyglots, there are a multitude of English speakers, but most are non-native speakers and therefore face major difficulties in composing professional texts in English. We’re here to aid Luxembourgers of all languages, from Luxembourgish and French to German and Portuguese, in making their English writing shine.
  • Some of our clients fall into none of the above categories. Some would simply like to have their urgent email or blog post looked over for typos. Don’t worry: We can definitely do that, too.

As you can see, our editing services are available to just about anyone.

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We’re a team of the best proofreaders in the industry.

Our editors are professionals, native speakers from across the English-speaking world, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Ireland, with extensive experience in the writing, editing, and proofreading industries—but that goes without saying. What’s far more impressive is that they’ve all passed the incredibly stringent editing assessments we administer to filter out the best candidates. Since these tests boast a pass rate of only 0.33%, we’re more than confident in our proofreaders’ superb talent.

As a small but thriving country in the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg (as well as neighboring countries Germany, France, and Belgium) is home to an abundance of talented scholars, entrepreneurs, professors, authors, copywriters, and others, and their writing deserves the best editors in the industry. It’s our mission to deliver first-rate, thoroughly edited documents with correct and flowing language, and we also endeavor to return your orders quickly so you never miss a deadline.

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