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Can you spot the typos in your manuscript?

It’s incredibly difficult for writers, no matter how skilled, to identify their own errors.

Don’t worry, though. That’s where we come in.

We at lead the best online English proofreading and editing service in Manitoba for a reason—we help writers from all across the province, from the Forks to the Manitoba Museum, put forth brilliantly high-quality writing. Don’t let mistakes dictate the fate of your manuscript—get proofreading for your document, be it academic, business-oriented, creative, or interpersonal in nature.

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Anything you write, we can edit.

We’re confident that all writers from Friendly Manitoba can benefit from our copy editing and general editorial expertise. What exactly can we help you with? Well… what can you write?

  • Toiling away on your dissertation or journal article? You focus on the content—we’ll take care of grammar and style guide adherence. Deal? Our prompt academic editing services are available to graduate and PhD students from the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, and any other Manitoban university.
  • Is your advertising script just not punchy enough? Let us take a look. Could your business proposal generate misunderstandings? We’re on it. Worried about errors in your resume or cover letter? We’ll help. We’ve aided your fellow Manitoban businesspeople, from Winnipeg to Brandon, and we can assist you, too.
  • Did your story narration sound a bit better in your head than on paper? Well, that’s normal. Let us help your manuscript reflect your imagination as much as possible. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, we’re here for you and other Manitoban authors and novelists. And, if you require assistance publishing, we can help you with that, too.
  • Do you speak German, French, or Chinese most of the time? Are you studying English as a foreign language? Phrasal verbs, nightmarish spelling, and a confusing mishmash of Germanic and Latinate vocabulary—it’s not exactly easy, is it? As native speakers, though, we’ve got a good handle on it, and we can help you master English writing, too.
  • Can’t afford to embarrass yourself with a typo in that important email you need to send urgently? Sounds like a job for us.

Do you see yourself in the above list? Even if not, we’re sure we can help you.

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Only one out of every 300 editors makes the cut.

One out of every 300—that’s how many proofreading applicants defeat the rigorous array of laborious editing tests we administer. That’s how we maintain our high standards. We don’t want anything but the best. Additionally, our brilliantly talented editors are Canadian English native speakers who boast backgrounds in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. All this makes us the best in the proofreading industry—there’s no doubt about it.

So, if you’re wondering what the best editing service is for the more than 1,278,000 doctoral students, academic researchers, business owners, novelists, and others in Manitoba and surrounding areas, such as Ontario and Saskatchewan (and even the American Minnesota and North Dakota!), who require an editor’s expertise, we think you’ve just found your answer. We promise thorough, accurate, and quick revisions so that your ideas are clear and your writing speaks for itself.

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