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Worried about errors ruining your writing?

Grammatical mistakes in your writing can wreak havoc on your reputation in your field, overshadowing even the most brilliant of content—and even the most talented writers can make them. For this reason, conscientious writers from all across Montreal, from Old Montreal to Mount Royal, turn to to help them put forth their best work. From graduate students at the world-renowned McGill University to the leaders behind Montreal startups disrupting the city, we’re here to help the nearly two million people of this proud Quebecois city excel in all their written endeavours.

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Who are our proofreading and editing services for?

Simply put, our services are for nearly anyone who requires high-quality writing. Whether you flunked high school grammar classes or possess a master’s in linguistics, whether you require extensive restructuring of a book or simply peace of mind with an email, we can help improve your document.

Do you require proofreading for your electrical engineering or history thesis? We can help you. Whether you’re an advanced degree student at the Université de Montréal, McGill University, or Concordia University, we can help enhance your academic writing, and we guarantee that you’ll meet your deadline, no matter what it is.

Perhaps you need the expert eye of an editor to look over your business proposal, ecommerce product descriptions, or promotional materials. The many professionals we’ve worked with from across Montreal and those from other Canadian cities such as OttawaToronto, Calgary, and Edmonton can affirm our expertise in business editing.

Peut-être que vous êtes francophone ? Montreal might be best-known for it's French and English speakers, but many people also speak Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. Whether your mother tongue is French or another language, we can help give your English document a native-speaker flair. We have experience working with writers from all around Quebec, including Quebec City, Gatineau, and Sherbrooke.

Or maybe you’ve just penned a brilliant novel that you need to have professionally edited on a tight deadline so it can be marketed ASAP. We guarantee that we’ll help you tell your story in a clear, compelling, and fascinating way, giving it all the care it deserves but still delivering it swiftly.

Whatever your needs are, let us help you.

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A little about us.

Our team is made up of native English-speaking Canadian editors and proofreaders. We’re experienced in professional writing, editing, and proofreading, and each one of us has made it through a series of rigorous proofreading and editing tests to prove our editorial expertise. This is a feat that only one out of every 300 proofreading applicants can boast.

We believe that our editing prowess easily makes us the best choice for the McGill graduate students, innovative professionals, up-and-coming authors, and everyone else in Montreal in need of clear and smooth writing for any reason. With us, not only will your message be conveyed clearly and professionally but, with our quick turnaround times, you’ll also be sure to meet your deadline.

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