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New Jersey’s top source for editing and proofreading help,, assists writers all over the state, from the Atlantic City Boardwalk to the Cape May Historic District. Our editors refine the work of writers from all disciplines—graduate students, businesspeople, aspiring (and published) authors, and more.

High-quality writing can boost your reputation. Poor writing can irreversibly damage it. Elevate your status in your chosen field by working with our team, whether the job is proofreading academic papers, editing business communications, line editing manuscripts, or copy editing personal documents like emails. We even conduct resume reviews. Work with us. You will see results.

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Determine the right proofreading and editing help for your writing

We’ve earned our reputation as the Garden State’s finest English online editing and proofreading service by being able to handle any task under any deadline. No scenario is outside our scope.

  • Do you need an academic journal article proofread in two days or less? We’ve proofread history theses, medical research papers, and mathematics dissertations for students at Princeton University, Rutgers University, Montclair State University, and others. We can work under any deadline and with any style guide, from MLA to ACS.
  • Does your business website need editing in less than 24 hours? Our experts can handle the job. Business professionals from Newark to Jersey City have turned to us to edit their proposals, marketing documents, and critical emails.
  • Are you an author who needs to get a literary manuscript ready to be published? Whether you’re publishing independently or through traditional means, we can edit your book chapters for grammar and style. New Jersey authors can also select from a wide range of publishing services for authors.
  • Are you a native Spanish speaker? Do you write in Traditional Chinese, Arabic, or Gujarati more frequently than English? Perhaps you’re looking for help to make your English document read as if it were written by a native English speaker. We’ve made thousands of documents written by non-native speakers read smoothly, ensuring these New Jersey writers communicate their ideas clearly. 

Your editing or proofreading task might be more straightforward, such as copy editing an important email for typos and grammar mistakes. We handle these tasks as well. All you have to do is provide your document. We can take it from there.

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Enlist expert editing help for your writing

We have formed a team of expert editors and proofreaders that’s second to none. Need proof? All are native speakers of American English with extensive experience as editors, proofreaders, and professional writers. Members of the team have each passed a grueling series of editing and proofreading tests. Out of every 300 applicants for our proofreading jobs, only one is hired.

That’s why we can say we are the finest proofreading service for the more than 8.9 million business leaders, master’s degree students, doctoral candidates, university professors, authors, and other writers in New Jersey cities such as Trenton, Elizabeth, Paterson, and Wayne. Anyone who needs a skilled editor to review his or her writing can count on us for quick, high-quality proofreading under any deadline.

We can help ensure your messages are communicated with clarity and impact. Don’t delay. Contact us today.

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Judge for yourself with a free sample of our work

If you need more proof that we can add impact to your writing, we understand. You can request a free sample of our work by clicking below. We’re confident you will see our work as a wise investment.

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