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No matter how skilled you are at writing, it’s impossible to entirely avoid typos and unclear sentences. For this reason, it’s always a worthy investment to enlist the help of a professional editor, who will help you avoid embarrassment and express yourself clearly and effectively. offers precisely that service, leading the online English proofreading and editing industry in the UK. From all around Nottingham, from Nottingham Castle to the City of Caves, writers have sought the expertise of our talented editors to transform their writing into first-rate masterpieces. Whether your document is academic, business-oriented, creative, or interpersonal, we’re ready to help make it shine.

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We can edit anything, anytime.

You’ll find no proofreading services in the Queen of the Midlands more skilled than us, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to assist as many Nottingham writers as we can. We’re highly experienced, so we can edit a wide array of documents, and we’re blazingly fast, so we can work with extremely urgent deadlines.

  • In academia, it’s critical to write clearly, demonstrating grammatical correctness and adherence to your field’s chosen style guide, whether APA, Harvard, or IEEE. This can be difficult, however, especially when you also have to focus on content. If you’re enrolled at the University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University, we’ll gladly assist you with the writing mechanics so you can concentrate on the content.
  • High-quality writing impresses, whereas poor-quality writing has the opposite effect. Whether you’re looking to impress potential business partners with your business proposal, prospective customers with your web copy, or employers with your CV, we’re here to help you write professionally. We’re already aided numerous leaders of Nottingham’s business scene, from City Centre to Dunkirk.
  • It goes without saying that writing quality is essential in the literary world. If you’re composing a book, be it fiction or nonfiction, we’re eager to help you craft an engaging and captivating story via our grammatical and stylistic editing services. Need help publishing? We can do that, too.
  • Not everyone in Nottingham speaks English as a first language. In fact, many non-native English speakers call Nottingham home. If you’re one of them, whether you speak Polish, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, or any other language, allow us to assist you in producing flowing, native-like English texts.
  • If your document doesn’t fit into any of these categories, that’s totally fine. We edit almost all documents in English, no matter how short or casual, so don’t hesitate to send it our way.

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Our team is extensively talented.

We know our team is amazing because we hire only the best proofreaders. First of all, they all speak English as a first language, native to cities across the UK as well as Ireland, the US, Canada, and Australia. Next, they’ve amassed vast experience writing, editing, and proofreading over several years. However, what makes our proofreaders really stand out is how they’ve successfully vanquished the unbelievably difficult assessments all our editing applicants must undergo. Since only one out of every 300 candidates passes, we know we’re hiring only the most skilled proofreaders.

Nottingham houses hundreds of thousands of writers, from researchers and professors to business owners, novelists, and others. They and their counterparts in nearby cities, such as Leicester, Birmingham, and Sheffield, deserve nothing less than the best online English proofreading service in the country, and that’s exactly where we come in. We guarantee you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing typos or awkward sentence structures, and given our wide range of turnaround time options, from three days to as quick as one hour, you’ll always be able to meet your deadline.

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