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Don’t undermine your brilliant ideas with subpar writing quality.

Typos and ambiguities can ruin any writing, no matter how groundbreaking the content is. Even worse, no writer, no matter how skilled, can completely avoid such errors. Therefore, hiring an editor is always a worthy investment.

ProofreadingServices.com leads Oxford’s online English proofreading and editing sphere, and we assist writers, be they scholars, businesspeople, novelists, bloggers, or anyone else, from all over Oxford, from Christ Church Cathedral to Oxford Castle, alleviating their writing-related worries. We make sure you’re safe from the consequences of subpar writing, whether you’re writing an academic thesis, a business proposal, a nonfiction novel, or a cover letter for your dream job.

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How can we help the wonderful writers of Oxford?

There’s no better online English editing service in the City of Dreaming Spires, so we see it as our duty to improve the texts of writers from all over this proud city. No matter the content and deadline of your paper, if it’s in English, we can probably proofread it!

  • Oxford is home to one of the world’s most influential universities, and if you’re talented enough to study at the University of Oxford or at Oxford Brookes University, you understand you need to adhere to your institution’s high standards of writing. From biology dissertations to psychology journal articles, we’ll proudly help you contribute to your academic field.
  • Do you run your own business? Are you a marketing professional? Are you a fresh graduate seeking your dream job? What all these people have in common is the need for excellent writing quality. We’ll help ensure your writing and web copy brings the business you desire. Whether you operate in the City Center, Central North Oxford, or any other district, we gladly offer you our services.
  • Contributing to Oxford’s literary scene? Great! No matter what type of book (from biographies to fantasy novels), we’re eager to assist you with the grammar and style, helping you weave the best story you can. If you’ve already finished your manuscript and are ready to release it to readers, we can also help you with publishing!
  • The 2011 Census found that 16% of Oxford’s population speaks a language other than English as a primary language, which is double the national average. However, don’t worry if English isn’t your mother tongue, because we’re here to help you produce flowing, native-like texts. Our editing services are available to those more comfortable writing in Polish, Simplified Chinese, French, Portuguese, and all other languages who need help correcting their English material.
  • Nothing is too short or casual for us to edit! Even if you’d simply like to have an urgent email checked over for typos, we’re happy to help!

As you can see, we’re able to edit almost anything. That’s just how skilled our proofreaders are!

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Our editors are fantastic at their craft.

We hire only the best proofreaders. We’ve incorporated stringent editing assessments into our hiring process to pick out the best editors in the industry. These tests are extremely difficult: Only one out of every 300 proofreading applicants manages to pass. Thus, we’re highly confident in our team’s abilities.

Furthermore, we’re all native speakers of English, having grown up across the UK as well as in the US, Canada, Ireland, and Australia. Our experience is vast, as we’ve all previously worked extensively as proofreaders, editors, and writers before joining this elite editing team.

Oxford’s editing needs are expansive and growing. Indeed, more than 170,000 academic researchers, businesspeople, authors, playwrights, and other writers in Oxford and surrounding areas, including London, Swindon, and Northampton, seek the ideal editing service for their documents. They can halt the search, because we’re here for them. We edit thoroughly and accurately, eradicating typos and eliminating ambiguities, and we also work quickly, with turnaround times ranging from three days to one hour and anything between, ensuring you’ll never miss even your most urgent deadlines.

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Don’t dig into your wallet quite yet.

We want you to be 100% confident in our abilities before shelling out your hard-earned pounds for our service. That’s why we offer free samples. Once you see what our team is capable of, you won’t have any worries at all.

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