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Do you want your writing to be clear and effective?

Then you’re come to the right place. As the number-one online English proofreading and editing service, works with writers from across Boston, from the Freedom Trail to Faneuil Hall, to help them achieve that goal. You write in order to communicate your ideas, and we can help you do so effectively. We know that the quality of your writing is important to your academic or business reputation. Therefore, whether you need a quick proofread to catch typos or a general copy edit to ensure your grammar and spelling are good, our experts will ensure your writing gets the respect it deserves.

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What kinds of writing do we edit?

As the leading online English proofreading and editing service, we’ve worked with many businesspeople and academics on a wide variety of documents:

  • Theses, papers, and journal articles. Whether your school is Boston University, Northeastern University, or Harvard Medical School, we’re ready to meet any of your academic editing needs. Need it fast? Not a problem.
  • Business proposals, memos, white papers, cover letters, and resumes. In the competitive business world, you can’t afford grammar errors. We’ve partnered with professionals across Boston, from Brighton to Southie, to proofread their writing and help them make a good impression.
  • Fiction and nonfiction. Have you written your first—or fifth—novel or how-to book? Our expert editors can flag repetition and inconsistencies as well as correct errors in spelling and grammar.
  • Important emails and letters. If you need someone to proofread an important communication before you send it, we’ll do it—fast.

Is your primary language Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, or any one of the other thousands of languages spoken worldwide? Whatever the purpose of your document, we can make sure your ideas are communicated clearly and effectively in English.

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How exceptional are we?

We hire native English speakers who are top in the fields of professional writing, editing, and proofreading. All of them have aced a series of editing and proofreading tests that are so tough that for every professional we hire, we turn away 299.

Simply put, we’re the best choice in proofreading services for the more than 673,000 academics and professionals in Boston who want their writing to be the best it can be. Our team of experts delivers high-quality proofreading, even within tight deadlines.

If you need an experienced editor or proofreader to improve your writing, we’re here.

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