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Do you want to improve your English writing?

As the premier service for English editing and proofreading in Malaysia, helps business and scholastic writers produce high-quality written work. We provide services all across Johor Bahru, from Istana Besar to the Sultan Ibrahim Building. We can assist you by proofreading your academic and business writing, reviewing your resume, and editing literary works, as well as providing basic copy editing. The writing that you produce is one element of your reputation among your peers, and we can help ensure that your writing benefits that reputation. We have helped grad students at UTM and other Malaysian universities as well as professionals throughout Johor Bahru to improve the caliber of their English writing.

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Who can benefit from our proofreading and editing services?

We assure you that our quality proofreaders and editors can polish your writing, whatever it may be. If you are in any of the following situations, we can help.

Do you need a thesis or dissertation proofread within the next 48 hours? We can assist you with editing many types of academic writing you have, whether you are studying at Raffles University Iskandar, UNITAR International University, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, or Monash University Malaysia.

Do you have a business proposal or website that needs to be edited? We can help you with both. We have professional clients throughout Johor Bahru, from Gelang Patah to City Square Downtown.

Do you spend 99% of your time speaking Malay, "Manglish," Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, or Punjabi? We can thoroughly edit your English documents for smooth reading. We have worked with writers from all over Johor Bahru and the rest of Malaysia and Singapore to ensure that their documents are easily understood.

Do you have a letter or memo that you would like reviewed quickly for errors? We can review your document and correct grammar and punctuation errors regardless of the size of your communication.

Have you recently written a literary manuscript in English that you would like thoroughly edited? We can help you with all your needs, both fiction and nonfiction.

We’ll do the hard part. All you need to do is send us your document.

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What should you expect from us?

Each member of our proofreading and editing team has been thoroughly vetted through testing to ensure expert, professional work. In fact, only one out of every 300 applicants is hired for our team. Each of our editors has a professional background in writing, proofreading, or editing, and all are native British, American, Canadian, Australian, or Irish English speakers.

For the over 497,000 professionals, scholars, novelists, and others in Johor Bahru, we provide the best editing and proofreading services available online. We offer rapid turnaround times with high-quality services to help you effectively communicate your ideas with clarity. Grad students at UTM, businesspeople, and other writers in Johor Bahru can expect to receive exceptional editing of their most important work.

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If you’re still hesitant about trying our services, we offer a free sample to each potential client, so you can see firsthand how we can help you produce quality writing. Just click on the below link to order a free sample.

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