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The leading online English editing and proofreading service,, provides help to academics and businesspeople from all over Perth, Australia—from the Kings Park War Memorial to the Bell Tower. Our goal is to enable our clients to produce high-quality writing, which can have a positive impact on their reputation in their field. If you need assistance with proofreading academic papers, editing business copy, book editing, or basic document editing, we can help. We can help elevate your writing.

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Selecting the right proofreading and editing service for Australian English

As the leading editing and proofreading service for Australian English, we stand confidently behind our promise to boost the power of your writing, no matter if your needs are academic, literary, or for business. To help you decide when you need editing or proofreading services, here are some questions to guide your decision:

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Our qualifications

The expert editors and proofreaders we employ speak Australian English and have experience in business and professional writing, proofreading, and editing. All team members have passed a thorough series of tests of editing and proofreading skills. Our standards are high—out of every 300 applicants for English proofreading jobs, only one is hired.

We are the finest editing service for the more than 1,944,000 doctoral students, businessmen and businesswomen, graduate students, and other writers in Perth who want to ensure their writing is of the highest quality. We can help you meet tight deadlines and ensure you are communicating with clarity. For the best proofreading and editing in and around Perth, Australia, work with us.

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You can review a free sample of our proofreading work by clicking below. See for yourself how our editing team can take your writing to a higher level.

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