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At, we know how devastating typos or unclear writing can be, and that’s why we, as Saskatchewan’s leading online English proofreading and editing service, endeavour to protect scholars, professionals, and other writers from across the province, from Prince Albert National Park to Fort Walsh, from the consequences of subpar writing quality. With us, you can rest assured that your dissertation, business proposal, novel manuscript, cover letter, urgent email, or any other document employs grammatically correct language, reads clearly, and flows well.

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Editing for anyone, anytime.

Any writers in the Bread Basket of Canada looking to enhance their writing of any nature can benefit greatly from our delightfully talented proofreaders. We’re flexible—we can edit any document for any writer at any time.

  • The pressure to produce the optimal academic paper for a conference can be debilitating. Let us lift some of the burden off your shoulders by polishing the grammar and clarity in your economics thesis or medical journal article. Graduate students from the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, the First Nations University of Canada, and other Saskatchewanian universities can already attest to our copy editing and proofreading prowess.
  • If you’re drawing up a business proposal, you can’t allow ambiguities to undermine it, and if you’re composing a script for an advertisement, you can’t afford to let bland writing diminish its effectiveness. From these examples to resumes and company website copy, we regularly aid business leaders from around Saskatchewan, from Saskatoon to Regina.
  • No matter how intriguing your plot is, insufficiently compelling narration can significantly weaken your story. We’re determined to not let that happen—with our comprehensive stylistic and grammar editing services, we’re keen on keeping the Saskatchewanian literary scene Additionally, authors may be interested in our array of publishing services.
  • Not everyone in Saskatchewan is a native English speaker. Don’t worry: Whether your mother tongue is German, Ukrainian, Chinese, or anything else—including English—we promise to assist you with improving your text.
  • Sometimes, you just need to be sure that a crucial email or message reads smoothly. We’re here to work expediently on your behalf in those times, too.

No matter what your needs, hand your manuscript over to us—we’ll take it from here.

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We wouldn’t say we were the best if it weren’t true.

If challenging, rigorous proofreading and editing assessments are anything to go by, we’re absolutely the best. No one makes it onto this proofreading team without being subjected to our demanding tests, and the pass rate is strikingly low—only one out of every 300 candidates manages to meet our standards. In addition to overcoming these grueling trials, our superb editors are native English speakers hailing from across Canada and other anglophone nations, and with extensive professional backgrounds in writing, editing, and proofreading, they possess vast experience in the industry.

If you’re among the more than 1,163,000 Saskatchewanian researchers, professors, business owners, novelists, and other writers seeking professional, thorough, rapid proofreading services, you can halt the search—we’re here to help you. We’re eager to aid writers from all over Saskatchewan—as well as those in Alberta, Manitoba, and even the American states of Montana and North Dakota. We value not only quality, treating each document with care, but also speed, ensuring that our clients’ deadlines are always met.

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Trust is important in any business relationship. We want you to be confident in our services, which is why we’ll happily edit up to 300 words for free. We have no doubt we can impress you.

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