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Writing quality is crucial.

From groundbreaking scientific journal articles to dazzlingly compelling press releases to captivating storytelling, writing quality can make or break your document. Ensure that it’s always the former by enlisting the help of ProofreadingServices.com, Sweden’s number one online English proofreading and editing company. Researchers, graduate students, business leaders, and novelists from across Sweden, from the Öresund Bridge to Drottningholm Palace, have already sought our editorial expertise to avoid embarrassing typos or unclear sentences. We’ve protected their reputations, and we can safeguard yours, too: from medical dissertations and business reports to fantasy manuscripts and urgent emails, we can help you express your ideas effectively.

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We’re certain you won’t find a better professional proofreading service in Sweden. We’re dedicated to serving the editorial needs of writers from all over the country, and we’ll edit documents of almost any subject and nature 24/7/365—just as long as they’re in English!

  • In academic writing, clarity is of utmost importance. A few ambiguous sentences could confuse readers and significantly reduce the impact of your findings. We’re determined not to let any Swedish scholars fall victim to such a scenario. With our proofreading services, researchers at Lund University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Uppsala University can submit their English academic papers with confidence. We can also help students meet the rigorous requirements of style guides, ranging from APA to Turabian.
  • Avoiding typos and grammar errors is essential in business writing. Such mistakes can turn off potential employers, business partners, and prospective customers alike. That’s why we help Swedish businesspeople from Stockholm to Gothenburg, making sure their business documents and web content showcase the best of their professional capabilities.
  • What’s a great plot without compelling narration? Weak and repetitive vocabulary can render even the most intriguing story ideas boring—and we endeavor to help Swedish authors avoid this problem. With our thorough grammar and stylistic editing services—as well as our publishing services—we help tell Sweden’s best tales.
  • Hur bra är du på engelska? Swedes tend to be fantastic at English. Really, we’re impressed. But rivaling native speakers is next to impossible. No matter how proficient you are, allow us to add the finishing touches to your text. And if your native language is German, French, Spanish, Danish, or anything else, don’t worry. We can help you, too.
  • Writing quality also matters in emails and personal correspondence. We can help you polish your message for maximum impact on tight deadlines, from twelve hours to one.

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We’re the best proofreaders and editors in the industry.

That may be a bold statement, but we have the stats to back it up. No one graces this exclusive editing team without first successfully battling a stringent set of editing tests, and since only a mere 0.33% of all proofreading applicants pass, we believe it’s safe to say we’re the best. Additionally, we were born and raised in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland, meaning we can give your documents our native-speaker polish. We’re also extensively experienced in writing, editing, and proofreading, meaning we’re highly qualified to edit your document.

In essence, these qualifications make us the top choice for proofreading services for the nearly ten million doctoral students, professors, business owners, authors, and other writers in Sweden and its Nordic sisters—Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland—no matter what sort of document they need edited. We edit thoroughly and accurately to return grammatically correct and flowing texts, and our services are so swift that you never have to worry about missing even urgent deadlines.

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