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Don’t let errors ruin your writing.

Academics, businesspeople, and novelists from all across the vast, beautiful country of Canada, from Niagara Falls to Chateau Frontenac, trust to enhance the writing quality of their precious documents, be they academic papers, business correspondence, lovingly crafted manuscripts, or anything in between. As leads the online English editing sphere, we live up to their high standards. Errors and unclear writing damage even the most brilliant of content, but we’ll make sure that you maintain your reputation and status in your field.

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What can we do for you?

We’ll make your writing shine, as we’ve already done for countless other Canadians. No matter what kind of writing you need proofread, we’re up for the job.

We help graduate students, domestic and international alike, all across the nation. Whether you’re a student at the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, or any other esteemed Canadian higher education institute, we can help you put forth your best papers.

We’re dedicated to helping Canadian businesses thrive. We’ve assisted professionals from all across the country, from Halifax to Ottawa to Regina to Vancouver, in their business writing, and we’re excited to help you, too.

Canada is a diverse country, and we’re passionate about aiding our compatriots of all linguistic backgrounds. If you’re one of the many foreign-born Canadian residents who speaks Chinese, Punjabi, or Arabic and you require assistance to ensure that sure your English document reads smoothly, we’re here to help you express yourself in clear, natural, native-sounding English.

We’re also excited to aid great Canadian authors in revolutionizing the literary landscape of the country. Whether you’re a fiction or nonfiction author, we want to help you publish the best book possible.

No matter what your document is, send it to us. Then, just relax, eat some poutine, and watch some hockey: We’ve got this.

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How skilled are we?

We’re professional, Canadian, native English-speaking editors and proofreaders, and we can assure you that we’re experts, because we all had to pass a rigorous set of editing and proofreading tests to join this team. At, we hire only one out of every 300 applicants. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the best editing in the industry.

The more than 36,286,000 PhD students, businesspeople, authors, and all other types of writers in Canada who require editorial services know that their documents are safe with us. If you need editing to make your writing as clear as freshly Zamboni-cleaned ice, look to us. And don’t worry if you have an urgent deadlinewe’re fast.

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