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The quality of your writing impacts your professional status and reputation, so whether you need literary editing, business copy editing, academic proofreading, or a thorough resume review, we at will help ensure your writing earns its due respect. As the leading online English editing service in California, we work with authors, academics, and businesspeople across San Francisco, from the Outer Richmond to the Mission District, to help them produce high-quality writing.

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We offer services that fit the varied editing needs of the Bay Area.

No matter where in San Francisco you live and work, including surrounding cities such as Oakland and Daly City, our editing team can help improve your academic, professional, or literary writing. Here are some of the many ways we can help:

  • Academic editing. Does your computer science thesis or biophysics dissertation need to be proofread by the end of the weekend? Send it to us. Whether you’re a graduate student at USF, SFSU, or UC San Francisco, our proofreaders can take care of your academic editing needs.
  • Business editing. Do you work for Google or Facebook and you need a business proposal edited this week? Is your startup about to pitch on Sand Hill and you need a second set of eyes on your deck? Are you about to launch a marketing campaign and you want your landing pages  proofread ASAP? We work with professionals across San Francisco, from the Financial District to Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Literary editing. Have you completed your final draft? Let our editing team check your manuscript for grammatical mistakes. Join the ranks of the many great Bay Area writers.
  • Non-native English editing. Even before the tech boom, San Francisco was diverse. Today, we regularly proofread English files for those in SF who speak Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and French. If you want your English text to read smoothly and you're sitting in Daly City, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, or elsewhere in the Bay Area, we can help.
  • General copy editing. Even if you just want someone to swiftly but thoroughly read over a few emails for typos, our editors can do that, too.

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We hire only the best editors.

We choose only the best editors for our team by asking each applicant to complete a rigorous set of editing tests. Only one out of every 300 makes the cut. The result is an expert editing team comprising native English speakers with backgrounds in editing, proofreading, and writing. Our team excels at what it does.

In other words, we are the best proofreading service for the more than 871,000 businesspeople, graduate students, professors, authors, and others in San Francisco who are looking for quality, fast, professional editing. We work efficiently to help our clients produce clear, effective written materials in a timely manner. If you need professional proofreading or editing, send us your document.

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If you want to see a free sample of our work before you place a paid order, click below to discover how our editing team can improve your writing. While you’re waiting for your sample to be returned, grab a burrito (La Taqueria!) and relax in Dolores Park. We’ll throw a frisbee your direction when we’re done.

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