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Even the best of us accidentally construct ambiguous sentences, and even the most careful writers let typos slip through. Errors may be natural, but unfortunately, they’re difficult to detect in your own writing.

That’s where the skilled editors at, Tokyo’s number one online English proofreading and editing company, come in. Across Tokyo, from Tokyo Tower to the Meiji Shinto Shrine, graduate and doctoral students, business leaders, authors, and other writers are confidently submitting their best work thanks to the sharp eyes of our professional proofreaders. Don’t allow grammar errors to destroy your journal article, advertisement script, cover letter, blog post, novel manuscript, or anything else—we’re here to protect your reputation.

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Our proofreading and editing services are for everyone.

We don’t discriminate. All writers deserve to put forth clear, beautifully flowing writing. That means we eagerly offer our editing services to writers of all kinds all around Japan’s bustling capital. Almost any document, any time—no matter what your editing needs are, we’ve got them covered.

  • As the bustling capital of a top-tier education country, Tokyo boasts myriad universities, and demands for superbly composed work are high. Let us handle the writing mechanics of your molecular engineering dissertation so you can focus on the content, or let us help you adhere to the requirements of strict style guides such as IEEE and MLA. Graduate and doctoral students at the University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and any other university in Tokyo can find peace of mind with our proofreading services.
  • Tokyo contains no shortage of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, and it’s crucial that their writing be top notch. Whether you’re drafting a business report for your thriving tech corporation in Shinjuku, transcribing interview data for a marketing study in Ginza, or composing promotional materials for your brand-new sushi restaurant in Shibuya, we’ll help make your text shine.
  • Plain, repetitive writing can render anything boring, even the most exciting story ideas. Don’t let your novel fall victim to dull narration. Allow us to help liven up your ideas by editing for grammar and stylistic errors. And afterward, if you’re seeking publishing services, we’ve got your back once again.
  • 英語は難しいですよね。We understand the difficulties of English because we know the language inside and out. Thus, if you’re a native speaker of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or any other language, we can give your text a native-speaker shine.
  • Clear writing is also important in emails and blog posts. If you want your message combed over for grammar errors in as little as one hour, just send it our way!

Spend more time on content and less on grammar and writing mechanics. That’s what we’re here for.

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Our qualifications have been proven in tests.

You want only the best editors for your document, and we want only the best for our team. How do we make sure we hire only the most talented editors? Simple—we subject all potential hires to a series of intensive, demanding proofreading assessments, and we hire the 0.33% who emerge victorious. In addition, our editors are seasoned professionals with vast experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading, and having grown up in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland, they possess native English-speaker intuition.

With the planet’s most populated metropolitan area, Tokyo’s editing needs are immense, but we’re up for the challenge. The more than 13 million writers, including research scientists, graduate students, business owners, and novelists alike, in Tokyo and neighboring cities, such as Yokohama, Saitama, and Chiba, seeking talented editors to elevate their texts need search no longer. Our expert editors will help make your message clear and engaging, and they’ll do it in record time. With us, you’ll never have to worry about missing your deadlines.

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