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With a little extra insight from the proofreaders at ProofreadingServices.com, you can find your way even faster. We’re the top online proofreading and editing service for Turkish authors who write in English. All over Turkey, from the historic ruins of Ephesus to the impressive Hagia Sophia, our services are available to writers who want to improve their fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, business documents, academic research, and other important written material.

After our seasoned editors have reviewed your English documents, you can be sure your writing will communicate clearly and make a great impression.

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Our versatile team provides the best online English proofreading and editing available in Turkey. Since our editors have expertise in a variety of fields, there’s almost nothing we can’t edit for you, and we get the job done as quickly as you need it.

  • If you need to be sure your instructional technology dissertation is as good as it can be, we can critique it objectively. Graduate students at Bogaziçi University, Bilkent University, and Sabanci University rely on us to proofread everything from research proposals, to art history essays, to political science theses. We proofread in almost any style, including Turabian, MLA, and APA, and within any time frame, from 1 hour to 3 days.
  • If you’re rolling out a new product, searching for a new job, or taking your business in a new direction, you may need an editor who can look over your ad, resume, business plan, or website. That’s where we come in. We’ve collaborated with businesspeople all over Turkey, from Istanbul to Gaziantep.
  • If you’re nearly ready to publish your manuscript, we can help with the details. Authors in Turkey who write in English can benefit from our editors’ feedback on both major and minor grammar and style issues as well as our assortment of publishing services.
  • If you’re primarily a speaker of Turkish, Kurmanji, Arabic, or Zazaki rather than English, we can make a significant difference in the fluency of your English writing, as we have done for hundreds of other Turkish writers.
  • If you’re wondering how you’ll fit even one more task into your busy schedule, let us take on some of your burden. Leave the document cleanup to us so you’ll have more time for your other responsibilities.

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The native English speakers who make up our team have extensive experience writing, editing, and proofreading professionally. They are the top 0.3% of our applicants, the few whose skills are strong enough to pass our difficult proofreading and editing tests. We hire the best so that, with our help, you can be confident in your English writing.

Turkey is home to more than 79 million PhD students, professionals, educators, novelists, and other writers from grand Turkish cities like Ankara and İzmir as well as smaller cities like Samsun and Çorlu and small towns like Of and Didim. When these writers need an expert opinion on their English writing, we’re their number one choice for lightning-fast proofreading that conveys their thoughts smoothly and accurately.

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