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The team at ProofreadingServices.com, the number one online US English proofreading and editing service, knows that your reputation and credibility can be influenced by the caliber of your writing. That's why we collaborate with writers in every field across the United States, from the Golden Gate Bridge in the Bay Area of California to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, to ensure that their writing is the best it can be. Whether you're a graduate student in Chicago, a copywriter in Baltimore, a novelist in Atlanta, or a business owner in Kansas City, we guarantee that with our help, your writing will be outstanding.

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How can our services benefit you?

We are the top online editing service for English writers in America, and our skilled team has worked with writers on a vast array of academic and professional documents.

We work with professors and graduate students from leading universities across the United States:

We assist companies and professionals in major business hubs across the USA, from tech startups in Seattle, to marketing firms in Austin, to talent agencies in Los Angeles. Our American editors polish brochures, web copy, company memos, financial reports, and other important business documents. We even help jobseekers in cities like BoulderColumbus, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas create resumes and cover letters to boost their chances of landing a coveted position.

We help the 21% of Americans whose first language is not English. From Memphis to Portland, the United States is one of the world's most linguistically diverse countries, and our expert editors are all native English speakers who can help make sure your writing makes sense to English readers. Speakers of the following languages have all found our editing and proofreading services useful in allowing them to create clear and correct documents:

The United States has been home to some of the world's most renowned and prolific authors over the years, from Mark Twain to Stephen King. We work with aspiring and published authors in top literary cities like New York and smaller cities like Berkeley to help them smooth out plot holes, avoid errors, and effectively market their books online and in print. We offer a full range of publishing services for authors. We can even translate your book.

Whether you need thorough copy editing on a business proposal, a professional review of your resume, proofreading for your history thesis, or structural editing for the first draft of your literary manuscript, we will work with you to meet your editing needs (with turnarounds as fast as one hour) and help create a document you can be proud of.

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How dependable are our editors?

Without a doubt, we're the top choice for the 325,365,000 master's and doctoral students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and others in the United States who want to have high confidence in their written English work. Our reliable proofreaders are native US English speakers with extensive experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. Every one of our editors has excelled on our sequence of challenging proofreading and editing exams, placing in the top 0.3% of applicants. Clients rely on our timely and convenient proofreading to help them meet their deadlines and express their ideas with clarity and precision. Sitting in El Paso and need a marketing brochure returned in four hours? We can do that. Did you just finish your debut novel in Nashville and you need it proofread within a week? We can do that, too.

Ready to take advantage of our expertise? It doesn't matter whether you're in Denver or Dallas, Philadelphia or Phoenix, San Antonio or San Francisco. Better writing is just a click away.

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If you're not quite convinced, and would like to see how we would edit your document before you commit to an order, it's no problem! Whether you're in Fort WorthLouisville or San Diego, just click below to request your first 300 words free and find out what our editing services can do for you:

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