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Is writing more effectively a constant battle?

If your attempts to improve your writing look more like a Civil War reenactment than a pig pickin’, you may need help from ProofreadingServices.com. As the premier online English proofreading and editing service, we support writers in every field who are pursuing the exceptional writing that can elevate their reputations and advance their careers. From historic Monticello to the massive Pentagon, these writers come to us for assistance with their short stories, academic papers, resumes, and nonfiction books.

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We do it all, and we do it fast.

We’re the most versatile online English proofreading and editing service in the Old Dominion. There’s almost nothing we can’t edit for you. Documents written in nearly any style, in a formal or casual tone, and with deadlines of three hours or three days are no problem for us.

  • We proofread for graduate and doctoral students, researchers, and professors at the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Liberty University, and other universities. Whether you’re writing in APA, IEEE, or MLA style and whether you’re a Wahoo or a Hokie, your medical journal article, history thesis, postgraduate application material, or engineering dissertation can be written with excellence.
  • We edit for copywriters and executives, from Virginia Beach to Norfolk, who are pursuing better business communication. With our help, your marketing plan, blog post, website, or handbook can be instrumental in elevating your credibility and accomplishing your business goals.
  • We edit fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for both minor technicalities and big-picture issues so you can publish confidently. You’ll also find our publishing services advantageous if you’ve chosen to self-publish.
  • We edit for writers who speak Spanish, French, German, or another language more frequently than they speak English. If English is your second language, you may appreciate the smoothness and fluency professional editing and proofreading can contribute to your English writing.
  • We edit for writers who need to save time and energy. When your schedule is full or you’d rather leave the typo-hunting to the professionals, we’re always here—24/7/365.

Whatever you’re writing, we’ve got an editor for you, at any speed you need.

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We know English like you know Busch Gardens.

Since our rigorous testing process eliminates 97.7% of our applicants, we have every confidence that when we hire the few left standing, we’re hiring the best editors in the field. These elite editors make up our team of native US English speakers who have been writing, editing, and proofreading for years.

When Virginia’s 8 million scholars, entrepreneurs, scientists, bloggers, and other writers are searching for an easy and convenient way to enhance their writing, we’re their top choice. Whether you’re in NOVA, RVA, Virginia Beach, Southside, or the DMV (or that nebulous region known as Western Virginia), our exceptional proofreading and editing services are here to help you convey your ideas skillfully and on time.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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Samples are completely free.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to order, perhaps we can offer you a free sample. We’d love to show you the improvement our editors can bring to your writing. To order a sample, upload your document, and we’ll send back a polished portion of it in 24 hours or less.

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