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Don’t let writing mistakes ruin your reputation.

Grammatical errors are embarrassing at best and lead to disastrous misunderstandings at worst. Protect your status and reputation by investing in professional editing from, the number one English proofreading and editing service on the web. We’re here to offer our editorial services to the more than 705,000 graduate students, professionals, authors, and all other writers from around Winnipeg, from the Forks to St. Boniface Cathedral. In our quest to elevate the writing quality in Manitoba’s capital, we’re happy to offer nearly any type of editing, from academic and business proofreading to novel editing or simply general copy editing.

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What kind of documents can we proofread?

Quite simply, we can edit whatever you want to have edited. We have experience proofreading a wide range of writing for those in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, so we’re confident that we can quickly help you, no matter what your needs are.

  • Need help getting your scholarly ideas across effectively? We’re here to help graduate students in all disciplines at the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, Canadian Mennonite University, or any other educational institution.
  • Want to ensure that your business proposal is clear or that your offline or online marketing materials are compelling? We aid professionals across Winnipeg, from Downtown to the Exchange District, with all of their business editing needs.
  • Require assistance conveying a clear, grammatically correct message in English? Right in the middle of Canada, Winnipeg is not always thought of as one of Canada's linguistically diverse cities. However, those who think that are incorrect; we've worked with many people in Winnipeg who speak German, Chinese, Ukrainian, Punjabi, or Polish at home. We work with similar groups of people in nearby Saskatoon, Regina, and Brandon.
  • Desire an editor’s expertise to help turn your book into a masterpiece? We’ll help transform your fantastic ideas into a gripping story.

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What are our qualifications?

We’re a highly competent team of professional native Canadian editors and proofreaders, and we offer our native-speaker intuition and extensive experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. We know we’re good because we all had to arduously work our way through a series of stringent proofreading and editing tests to be hired—something that only one out of every 300 proofreading applicants can boast.

Essentially, we’re a group of experienced, skilled, and passionate writing masters excited to help Winnipeggers express their ideas accurately and effectively through high-quality writing. And don’t worry about deadlines—we’re excellent at time management, and we’ll make sure to return your edited document on time.

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