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Germany, the most populous country in the European Union, is an economic powerhouse, boasting the world’s fourth-largest economy with only 80 million inhabitants. German-made products are known for their quality and durability, promoting a strong corporate identity for German businesses. Austria and Switzerland, Germany’s German-speaking neighbors, share positive reputations, with all three countries considered worthwhile destinations for corporate expansion.

If you have a business and you want to snag a share in the lucrative German-speaking market, we at ProofreadingServices.com can help you. We offer professional German translation services to ensure you can expertly engage a German clientele. Meanwhile, if you’re a German company hoping to make a name for yourself worldwide, our German translators can similarly help you disseminate your promotional materials in natural-sounding English.

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We Know German Translation

It’s the German language that holds Germany together. In fact, before 1871, the German-speaking region of Europe was simply made up of a loose collection of 39 sovereign states, which banded together to form “Deutschland,” the land of the Deutsch, or German, speakers. In modern-day Germany, regional dialects abound, sometimes mutually unintelligible due to stark differences in pronunciation and vocabulary, but all German speakers understand Hochdeutsch, or Standard German.

German is relatively similar to English, especially sharing certain similarities with Middle English. However, English’s strong reliance on Latinate vocabulary can make German’s purely Germanic lexicon difficult to understand. German also features a number of quirky grammatical traits, such as circumfixes, discontinuous verb stems, and the obligatory placement of the verb in the second position of a main clause yet at the end of a subordinate clause. German is a tricky language, for sure. But our German translators are seasoned experts, so if you require German translation services, you can trust us.

Take a Look at Who Can Benefit from Our German Translation Services

  • Business materials. With Germany, Austria, and Switzerland being major European economies, breaking into the German-speaking market is a wise idea for any company. Whether you need business plans, financial reports, press releases, or your company website translated, our German translators can help. Of course, we’re also in the business of translating German-language corporate and marketing documents to English to conquer the international market.
  • Academic documents. Germany enjoys a long history of academic prestige, with world-renowned universities and a rigorous approach to education. German scholars can benefit from our academic German translation services when looking to publish their papers internationally, while foreign researchers can hire our German translators to obtain natural German translations of their surveys and questionnaires.
  • Creative works. Known as the “land of poets and thinkers,” Germany has contributed a great deal to cultural booms in Europe. Many fairy tales boast German origins, and our German translation team is here to help contemporary German writers and artists spread their stories around the world. At the same time, we’re delighted to help international creatives tell their story in German.

Our German translation services effectively know no limits—we can translate just about anything for anybody, whether it’s into the German language or out of it. We serve clients from Berlin, Vienna, and Zürich to New York, Sydney, and Windhoek, Namibia. We translate documents for businesspeople, academics, novelists, and all sorts of others. We work hard to accommodate our clients’ unique needs for their German translations, taking into consideration your individual situation. And we always deliver our translations on time, even if your deadline is urgent.

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