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Good writing is critical to your success

Although digital communication has changed the way we get our messages across, one aspect remains firmly in place, and that’s the importance of clear writing. So many of us are called upon to write reports, memos, letters, emails, announcements, and much more on a regular basis. All those written communications require you to write with precision and accuracy; therefore, a second set of eyes is critical. is the leading English proofreading and editing service. We work with businesspeople, students, and many others in Fort Wayne, from the Embassy Theatre to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. The result of our work is writing that is clearly understood by the readers. 

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We know we’ll do a great job for you

We have thousands of clients who value the quality of our services and keep coming back for more because they know our professional editors and proofreaders will meet and often exceed their expectations. Do you see yourself in any of the situations below? If so, we can help with your ultimate success.

  • Are you a student at Indiana University Fort Wayne, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, or any other area college? We’ll help you with research papers, theses, grad-application letters, and many other academic documents. 
  • Are you a businessperson working on a contract, memo, manual, or correspondence? We’ll be your partner in success whether you are in a small business, large corporation, or nonprofit organization in Fort Wayne.
  • Do you write in English as your second language? We'll make sure your document is written precisely and ready for any type of audience.
  • Are you someone who needs a skilled person to review an important document, such as a cover letter or resume, for grammatical errors and awkward sentence structure? We're there for you as well.

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We are as good as we say

To give you the best editing and proofreading services possible, we’ve taken extensive steps to build the best team to serve you. We take great care in finding great people with real skills gained through years of experience. Of the many who apply with, only a few are chosen. On average, we select one out of about 300 who apply for a position. 

We continue to work hard to provide the best editing and proofreading service for the more than 270,000 students, businesspeople, civic and nonprofit leaders, and others in Fort Wayne in who want to achieve success in their writing. We’ll match you up with a well-trained professional who will make sure your document creates the highest impact possible on your audience.

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