Make Up to US$19,000 for Just 20 Minutes of Work

If you refer a memoir ghostwriting client to us through our Ghostwriting Ambassador Program, we’ll pay you 20% of the writing fees and 10% of the the marketing fees we receive. That’s $799 to $19,000 for each successful referral. There’s no limit on the number of successful referrals you can make.

How Does It Work?

The amount you receive as a ghostwriting ambassador depends on the package the person you refer chooses. For example, to receive the full US$19,000 payment, the person you refer must purchase the Wall Street Journal Bestseller package, our top-tier offering. However, if the person you refer purchases the basic Friends and Family Package, you’ll receive US$3,900—which is still not bad for 20 minutes of work!

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Client orders this What client pays for memoir creation What ambassador receives for memoir creation (20%) What client pays for marketing What ambassador receives for marketing (10%) Total ambassador receives for a successful referral
Remembered Forever transcripts US$3,995 US$3,995*0.2 = US$799 NA NA US$799
Family and Friends memoir US$19,500 US$19,500*0.2 = US$3,900 NA NA US$3,900
Amazon bestseller memoir US$65,000 US$65,000*0.2 = U$13,000 US$9,500.00 US$9,500*0.1 = US$950 US$13,950.00
Wall Street Journal bestseller memoir US$65,000 US$65,000*0.2 = US$13,000 US$60,000.00 US$60,000*0.1 = US$6,000 US$19,000.00
To Apply (it’s free and takes 30 seconds)

Do you have a single referral to make? You don’t need to apply; please simply refer the party to

Do you have (or are you going to find) multiple people to refer? Please apply to be a ghostwriting ambassador by filling out the brief form below. (Why apply? It helps us support you with marketing collateral and customer service support as you seek to send referrals our way.)

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Terms and Conditions
  1. The referral fee is payable upon completion of the project.
    1. 1.1. For the Friends and Family Package (memoir) and the Remembered Forever Package (transcripts), completion means the delivery of the completed product to the client.
    2. 1.2. For the Bestseller Package, the referral fee is payable in two installments, with the first due upon delivery of the ready-to-publish product and the second due once the book reaches the targeted bestseller list.
    3. 1.3 If we refund the client, the ghostwriting ambassador will in turn be liable for a pro rated refund of the referral fee.
  2. The referral must be for a new lead (not someone already in our system).
  3. Rates (package prices and commission payable to ghostwriting ambassadors) are subject to change at any time but cannot be changed retroactively.
  4. This ambassador agreement does not supersede any other current sales agreement with
  5. We pay commission as specified in the table above based on net revenue after payment processing fees (generally about 3.5%). If the client pays via wire, the ghostwriting ambassador gets the full percentage of the referral fee. If the client pays by credit card, the ghostwriting ambassador gets the listed percentage of the package price minus the card processing charges. For example, if the package costs US$20,000 and the ghostwriting ambassador is due a 20% referral fee, the ghostwriting ambassador gets 20,000*0.2 if the client pays via wire. If the client pays by credit card, the ghostwriting ambassador gets 20,000*(1-0.035)*0.2.
  6. Ghostwriting ambassadors may refer family members but will not be compensated for doing so.